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This website is a small project for me to keep myself busy, and to organize the things I like for others who come across it to enjoy. I hope to keep adding onto the site til there's nothing more to add- and there's always something to share!

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This site is made by an adult, so adult themes may be prevalent. Most (if not all!) content of that nature will have warnings on them, so please take care!


Site-Wide Updates
Fresh Layouts!

Wow. Wrangling this page is a whole task. Maybe once I've had it around a while, it won't feel as daunting. HAHAHA. Anyways check em out. Kerchow. (Linked)

Latest Content (11/28/2023) - Art Archive!
Starting this November, I and a friend of mine began saving Chans-related artwork due to Discord's new attempts at minimizing the amount of space files took up in their servers, which included converting images to WebP format, and crunching their quality to bits! While attempts had been done beforehand, this was the final effort to save as much Chans content as possible before they were truly lost to time. Then ta-da! Here comes the introduction of the Chans Art Archive, a gallery with a "tag" system to make finding Chans artwork easy as can be.

Currently, it only has the 2019 page uploaded with a few art pages in view. The rest will be done before starting efforts for 2020. All artwork 2020 and beyond are still on my computer, so it would probably help to upload and organize everything before continuing. (Left image linked to /chans/archive- check it out in its very early stages!)

Future Updates (Anniversary's on the Horizon!)
As the anniversary for this site draws near, so too does the anniversary for its first 'completed' section. I look forward to dedicating some time to allow this section of the site to flourish once more!
  • /chans // Update to post section (similar to /art's feed), General upkeep
  • /media // In need of a new layout design, as the current one cannot be utilized properly. Proper sections for the current media available along with adjustments to how that information is displayed.
  • /chanwiki // Tweaks to layout design, maybe an overhaul if I decide on a better design. Sorely needs update on information and artwork.
  • /chanpedia // Change to presentation of Chans on the main page. Completion of era page buttons. Aesthetic edits to information cards/ potential restructure. General upkeep.
  • /fanstuff // Probably the page furthest behind on updates, but also the least important one. Edit to 4koma pages to make viewing easier.
Latest Artwork - Click to View, Hover for Title
Latest Content (03/15/2024) - New Feed!
Along with an update to the layout, a new feed has been added to /art, for easier viewing of the latest artwork added to the gallery. I may even use this opportunity to posts updates with new artwork I create for pages around the site- I don't upload those to my galleries (I probably should, shouldn't I...) since they're already uploaded on here. Would probably make the current state of the galleries less barren, but I'm not too privy on it. Just look around!! HAHAHA

Hopefully this new feed will be updated as I upload artwork. No promises since I do tend to upload artwork in bursts, but it's a good incentive to do it.

Latest Content (02/09/2024) - Layout Completed! Next, Splatoon Page Updates
The new layout for the /games page has been completed, along with a starting array of future game pages!

As /splatoon was already in the works, I'll be tackling that one first for updates. I currently plan on resizing the layout, creating a few new assets (a lot more comprehensive this time, hopefully!), and then moving down to each entry into the series. I'll probably create a gameplan so everything looks a bit more organized. (Left image linked to /splatoon- check out the current iteration before it's gone!)

Latest Content (02/09/2024, 03/13/2024) - Music and Blogs!
I added a couple songs onto my playlist while I scrounged around through the alleys of my memories. Happy to have them, happier not to have to look for them again! Check 'em out... maybe we got similar tastes in tunes.

My current plans with this section of the site as of now are going to be towards catching up with /sleep's entries. I still dream nearly every night, and still write at length the contents of my dreams. However, I haven't been archiving them here! I'm about a year behind at this point, as well. Gotta get to the now with all that. Meanwhile, I'd also like to edit a few things on it as well. Make it look... cuter. HAHAHA

Latest /text Post
Nearly Half-Way Through March
BLOG | And I've barely had time to set the clovers!
March 13th-14th, 2024 (Wednesday-Thursday) | Tags: Personal, Depression, Vent

Lately, I've been in a depressive slump. Starting with a feeling of sickness from the week prior, I missed a day of class. Next day, I did a few things... I think. Thursday, I go to class, come home, too tired and unmotivated to do anything. This lasts for several days. Played Big Run over the weekend, the only thing I can get myself to do. Monday, after a mid-day nap, I wake up with intense pain all across my chest.

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