We're nearly done with our monthly reviews! Here's the last three months of 2023, where normalcy in my drawing schedule was almost restored. Almost. I do say December ended up being quite eventful, even if it is my least-favorite time of year.

October In Review


This month I ended up starting my own User-Made Adopt (UMA), Horts! I actually did quite a bit of pre-game in August-September, but all of those adopts are uploaded elsewhere (no hotlinking on this site!). While opening was quite quiet and slow, it seems like a few people are enjoying my Hort adopts. I hope to create as many as time allow throughout the year! Exciting!

In relation to UMAs, I had taken a break from participating in the Wermz UMA, but I ended up coming back right around when their Halloween event started. I spent a lot of time every day posting forms for the different event stalls the staff ran, while keeping track of all the goodies I got. I was so lucky to get a few cool new Wermz! I even made some art, which I'm particularly proud of. Someone liked it enough to even ask me for a commission!

This month, since the website I was using was running a token event for Halloween as well, I decided to debut a new character to get art for- Gateau! A snooty kitty with a bit of class, Gateau was an attempt at making a new, feral design for keeps. While I actually haven't revisited him in a while (as of writing), I hope to establish him as a firm character in my repertoire.

Aside from all the festivities, I also completed a few commissions. I have to admit, that major event still affected me, so I ended up doing these very late. I feel sorry to make my commissioners wait for their art. I'm thankful every day for the kindness people have for me. I'm sorry that this is happening.

The commission I did based off of the art I had done for the event!

Say hello to Gateau! I may tweak his stripes a bit in the future.
I actually made his design at like. 4 in the morning. Lol!


When I felt blue, I drew some Chans. I drew a few of them on one canvas, too. I don't really paint anymore, but I tried it here. I really like how that Note Chan came out, despite the odd hand (I had drawn it incorrectly. Oops). A few moody draws and a funny Cholerado Chan, too.

Little Dust Chans gather around a new, sleeping friend.

I don't think she'd have to draw tears onto her face,
but she conveys the feeling well like this.


After drawing those few blue Chans, I drew some of my Wermz in blue. It was fun painting them. So much so I wonder if they belong in the Experimental category, but I keep them there because I did experiment a bit. I dunno. Blue!

Along with those Wermz were some Hershis... I had watched Bambi, and felt so saddened by it, after attempting to draw something with the feelings of beauty I felt from it (and failing) I took out the body of Hershi and drew familiar feelings.

A ferocious Werm I got from the event. Looks a bit like a croc and a tapir put together.

Zach floats in the void. Yes, I made that name up recently.
And yes, that means both of my Werm protags are called some variation of "Zack". HAHA

November In Review


This month, I started with some small commissions! A lot of people were interested, which I feel very grateful for. Thank you if you commissioned me! I still have a few to do though. Thank you for being patient with me!!

Not only just commissions, however- but I came back to more ambitious drawings as well. I made a Neopets x Chimereons site mock-up with the new Chimereons website over the horizon, which was pretty fun! With Chichi coming back into the scene from the summer, Hershi reappears, too. I finally decided on a modern look for him, and while there are still a few things I think I could tweak, I feel better now that he's here with me in the future. His original design meant so much to me, but now I have a goal on the side to completely redraw all of the art I ever made of him in his old form. Yep! I even did about two or three.

I'm pretty proud of what I managed to do on my birth month. Happy Birthday to me!!

Welcome back, Hershi! It's so nice to see you again!

Neopets x Chimereons!! I should probably split the pieces I made for other users up.


Since I was focusing so much on my own characters again, the Chans art took the back seat. Which I think is just fine. I'm happy that it was because of my own characters- I want to make something as cool as Chans, too!

The Taste Sisters. I had the vision in my head and drew it out. I think it's a lovely piece.


My Experimental works were also put to the side. The two pieces I made do have some feeling put into them- the sadder, more impulsive feelings that I kept to myself. Stress can be too much. By transferring these feelings into the Hershlings, I could spin them round into frivolous, free, and silly ones.

Winterlings... feelings from the coming cold.

December In Review


Here comes Chichi! Thanks to her, my art productivity just exploded- something about that cute face, tail, bottom, and personality set my heart afire! Even if I did end up having my very-low-lows this month, my ability to draw like I could years before gave a sense of youth I hadn't felt in so long.... I'm so happy to have Chichi. When I get to those character profiles, I'll be sure to let hers bloom as beautifully as the inspiration she gave me!

Not only that, at the last second of the final day of the month, I drew all of my fan Chans. This was honestly a great move from me- some of these poors gals needed a check-in, and thanks to this I feel more inspired to get back to them than before. Thanks, past me!

My fan Chans all together! This is the first time I've ever drawn them all at once. I really like how they look here. Here's to more of them into the new year!

Yes, this is going here too. I felt so immensely proud of what I managed to do here,
it's going to take the spotlight!


A few nice things were drawn of the Chans. From Clipboard to Spice and Note to Rabies to Dust, my favorites got a doodle to their name! While I only completed a drawing of a warm and lovely Clipboard, I feel like the other drawings I made carried some of the happy, special feelings I felt at the time. Joy under the winter moonlight, the magic of a Christmas in childhood, the splendor of a girl and a shock of opposing forces. I'm so happy I can convey these feelings with Chans. They are just the loveliest.

While Christianity doesn't exist in the world of Chans,
I couldn't help myself. I wanted forgiveness.

Who's this under the Christmas tree...?


A mix of moods were spun into the illustrations in this category. Negative feelings are more apparent in the chaotic scrawlings I made, through pain and depression, impulsive frenzies and feelings. I drew some of the book I had been reading as well, Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Outcast. It was a good book, even if I felt like it was a tad rushed in some places.

Merry Christmas!

Every year, the world ends... Every year, the world begins...

Sitely Updates

A tumbleweed blows across the road....