Since a lot has been happening these past few months, I haven't been able to make good use of this part of my art pages. I do have several older timelapses and tutorials I would like to archive onto here, but I haven't made the time since working on adding so much to the site. However, something I can do without too much extensive planning is typing up a monthly review of the art I make!

Usually people post a piece of artwork as a post and talk about it, but I draw either too often, or not very often. My erratic personal schedule wouldn't allow me to do something like that easily, so a post discussing by the month is way better!

I'll be doing reviews for the months of January, February, and March, just cuz I like to be organized like that.

January In Review


The year begins, with me completing two art trades in turn for a lovely girl named Vanilla. However, the spotlight is stolen as soon as I recieve the outfit roll of a character I had purchased for myself in the December prior- and out she goes and in Mocha comes! I had a really knocked-up sleep schedule, so guess who else would be the star of my stay-awake artshow but Mocha?!

Later down the month, a new character appears. Zacc Plat is born!! Created by an artist from the user-made adopt Wermz, Zacc is everything lovely and wonderful. He inspired me enough to even go all-out during a music-themed giveaway game. I honestly didn't expect it, but I was fueled by a wanting to belong with my fellow artists. And I did! Briefly! But it was an all-around good try (and quite the fantastic piece for such a newly-made character! Wowie!).

I can't believe you!! ... But more attention on me's to be expected, after all! Wahaha!

My entry for the music-themed giveaway game. Drawn to Katamari Damacy's "Roll Me In".


January was a difficult month for me, and it shows pretty well in the moodiness of my Chans artwork. Scratchy lines and dark, saturated colors tell the whole story. I drew only my two favorites, Dust-Chan and Rabies-Chan, with Dust dominating the playing field. Despite the lack of polish on these pieces, I quite like them- nothing is better than exploring mood with something close to heart.

As Southern Wilds kicked back into gear, I was inspired to try my hand at my own little comic piece. Dust-Chan is in a strange, twi-lit realm of blue, accompanied by an even stranger puppet-like creature who looks a bit like herself. What dangers could she come across in such a peaceful and dream-like place as this?

Precious as can be. Quite the telling drawing- perhaps there's a truth in Dust-Chan taking the form of a ragdoll...


Even less was accomplished in this corner of my artistic endeavors. Perhaps Chans were simply the better outlet- cute girls are always in style, of course. Yet for them, I spared the messes I made. A frustration of scrawls on a canvas, shapely shapes layered one atop the other. Good luck deciphering everything on these scribbled-out shambles!

I'm the artist your mom probably warned you about. Take heed and take a step back to safety, now.

February In Review


The month starts with a duo of sketchy designs and a pair of wermburgers! I got a design from someone in the Wermz group because I felt so inspired to design them into a humanoid. However, that didn't really last long, and as soon as I was done I was done with them entirely. Maybe I should consider selling them off... lol....

I created the wermburger since I had been trying to make a werm-based YCH for a while beforehand. Finally, the brilliant idea of a werm in a burger- a combination of my love of cute characters and burgers- came to fruition, and I had a YCH at last (or in this case, a YWH (Your Werm Here)). I only did my Zacc for an example and someone's black widow werm, but it was definitely worth it since I got a lot of items from it! I've thought of going back and editing the base to allow more complex werm bodies, but I've just been busy-busy doing all else.

I wrap the month off with a few sketches. Shapes I like are always nice. Also, angel woomy design. Cute, eh?!

She shows up in full on my /home page! Perhaps more appearances are slated for the future....

Zacc demonstrating the Wermburger YWH for us. A cheeky smile brings it all together!


Last month's end trickles in to February's beginning through more scribbles ahoy. A little-girl Rabies-Chan takes the stage as I muse over my thoughts in drawn form, utilizing some of her character's lore(tm) to play them out. Dear, sweet Rabies-Chan, I am most excited to see how your life unfolds in the pages of your comic. One day, it'll all be revealed!

Actually, the month started with some drawings I made for a friends server's weekly art prompt. A sudden rash of inspiration, I made four drawings to slap together into one diabolical depiction of modern-day desire. I haven't uploaded these drawings here because of how largely NSFW they are- a shame, because they were some of the best works I had made up to that point, and inspired me to continue putting forth the effort for a while after, but putting NSFW stuff on your person gets you sent to the zorn void. I kinda like having a semi-clean nose on the web. Then again, I drew Rabies-Chan in the nude and slapped it into the gallery. No bits no problem!

I got tied in a three-way with two other lovely artist friends of mine by the end of the week, and we decided the next theme would be lovers, in time for Valentine's Day's arrival. Another rash of inspiration came upon me (so many rashes, I just get the itch, y'know?!) and I worked quick as possible to make what I could with the sudden burst of energy I had. Voila- wedding bell and roses galore, a sweet little Romance-Chan watching from above, and two loving Chan girlfriends donned in dresses perfect for the occasion! Well, maybe not so much Spice, but at least she's wearing one.

I'm very happy to say this drawing has quite a bit of my pride, despite it being a mite bit rushed and cheesed. Inspiration doesn't last long for me, so being able to finish it is something worth being happy about. Yayyy!

Little Rabies-Chan takes a walk under the stars. I think this piece was the loveliest among my emotionally-fueled doodling spree.

Note-Chan in white, Spice-Chan in black, together in marriage! ...One day, maybe!!


I only drew a few that would fit in this category. Birds with mouths smile at the viewer in these simpler pieces. Bred from bad feelings, they were a good way to express myself in a positive and silly light. Always take that energy elsewhere.

Stylish birds don sneakers, bell bottoms, and a cap in this two-tone piece.

March In Review


I started working on the site again around February 22nd, and kept going straight through this month. So I didn't get a lot of illustration pieces done, and worked more on site assets and things like that. Banners, buttons, and pagedolls galore, a lot of the art sprinkled around the site was probably all the new stuff made during my March update run!

I did however take the time for two birthday pieces for two friends of mine. Both inspired in style by the game Pizza Tower, I had a bit of fun drawing them! The first one I made was because their dog's name was Pepino (which sounds like Peppino, the name of the game's protagonist), and the second was because I had seen them playing the game on several occasions. Both seemed to enjoy the drawings I made for them, and nothing else could have made me happier. Happy birthday guys!!

My dear werm Zacc was feeling a bit neglected, so I requested the group for a solution. Behold, Wermz' weekly art prompts (who knew I'd find them so necessary to life?!)! I decided, as I did before for the giveaway game in January, to go all-out and make something worthy of awe. Okay, maybe not that crazy, but I sure did my best! I even included several other members' wermz for it. Zacc is quite spoiled at this point, in my opinion!

Happy Birthday!

My entry for the first weekly art prompt. The prompt was, "Show us what your Wermz love to do to relax!". Zacc loves to swim!


A surprisingly slow month for Chans artwork, I spent some time to make a Dust-Chan icon and a doodle. I think I drew more than this, but as far as I can tell, it's stuff that would be placed elsewhere. I may have to go back and take a look for any sketches and doodles hidden away in my files. While uploading art, I realized I had several sketches missing from my galleries, and it turns out I was taking screenshots instead of saving them like I used to. That's how you lose your stuff!!

A Dust-Chan icon. I originally wanted to use it for myself, but her bangs were drawn pretty badly. I'm sorry....

Sitely Updates

Throughout March, I worked on updating many aspects of the site, but most importantly, I updated the gallery pages to a new format. I updated General 2022, Chans 2022, and Experimental 2022, and uploaded General 2021, General 2023, Chans 2021, Chans 2023, and Experimental 2023. I currently have plans for Character Storage pages, and have yet to update the Traditional gallery to the new format. I also need to upload artworks to the Traditional gallery (2022-2023).

The index was updated to Spring, with a fresh new look.