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What is a Chan? - How is a Chan born? - How does a Chan sustain themselves?


Channel / Channeling

To channel is to take the essence from an object. The act of channeling is done to either sustain a Chan, or give them strength. Chans can "tune into" a "channel", which is an object that is the source of the essence they can take from. Only a Chan related to that specific source (such as a disease Chan towards a carrier of that disease) can see and sense that essence. Channeling too much causes overchanneling.


Whatever defines an object to make it what it is, is its essence. When extracted, it appears as a vapor from the object. This substance can only be seen by Chans. The more essence is taken, the greyer and chalkier the object becomes, until it is left as a pile of dust.


Overchanneling is accomplished when a Chan channels and utilizes too much energy. This is comparative to steroid usage, and similarly, Chans who overchannel see both muscle growth and physical enlargement, including heightened aggression and violent tendencies. While overchanneling can be reversed, there is a point of no return. Overchanneling is advised against due to these issues that arise.

Smooth Channel Lightning (SCL)

This rare type of lightning, in comparison to regular lightning, doesn't flicker, is branchless, brighter, hotter, and lasts longer in duration. SCL accounts for 5% of all lightning strikes. Whenever it hits, a Chan is born.


What is a Chan?

A Chan is a being who is the essence of and channels a particular object, organic or otherwise.

The biological makeup of a Chan varies widely, from being entirely organic to fully elemental depending on what it is they channel. What is most common between Chans is that they are all human-like, and female.

One of the most interesting aspects of a Chan is in their uniqueness and variety. While Chans made up of similar objects could be coupled into categories, no two of the same exist, at least at the same time. Even a Chan made of the exact same object can look drastically different, as their appearances are entirely up to chance.

The types of Chans that exist are also dependent on the time of which they lived. Chans in the old ages were commonly based on various types of disease, along with being animal-like in appearance. Meanwhile, Chans of the modern era became more varied and took on the appearance of man-made objects.

What may make one wary of a Chan would be how some Chans are dangerous to be around- not by intent, but because of what they're made of. In the modern era there are ways for these Chans to safely allow themselves to go about society without unintentionally harming others, though some are far more luckier than others when it comes to social privileges.

How is a Chan born?

Chans are born when a certain type of lightning called "Smooth Channel Lightning" (SCL) makes contact with the ground.

Because of the chances of SCL striking, the birth of a chan is a very rare event in the wild. Naturally-born Chans will often appear close to other chans, or less so, human establishments, making SCL strikes observable in the right conditions.

In the modern era, a scientist created a facility with a higher chance of producing thunderstorms with SCL, allowing for Chans to be born more frequently. Chans born this way are considered "artificial" Chans, instead.

Due to the nature of a Chan's birth, Chans are not related by blood to anybody. Instead, Chans consider those they grow up with or are raised by as their kin, whether it be a human or another Chan.

In the old ages, newly-born Chans were often killed due to a lack of understanding of what they were. With many decades of progress into the modern era, programs have since been created for the welfare of Chans and to help them find a family to take them in, along with finding Chans similar to themselves to connect with.

How does a Chan sustain themselves?

Chans can "eat" in three distinct different ways- "normally", like a human can (the most common case); by channeling, which all Chans are able to do; and by physically fusing with the object they channel, which sustains their form. Fusing is a much rarer and less-frequently used form, as those Chans who are able to primarily use it for other purposes aside from eating.

In the modern era, with the prevelance of artificially-made Chans, certain companies produce material for specific Chans for their survival.

All Chans have the ability to channel the material they're associated with. This is done by focusing on an object and channeling its essence. This essence appears like vapor coming from the object. When the essence of an object has been fully depleted, it becomes grey and chalky.

The same happens for those who fuse themselves with material; they simply replace their own depleted material with new material. Chans who are able to utilize this ability can only fuse with objects that contain their essence.

Some Chans are unique in that they do not require any of the three to survive. Instead, they survive through means that are possible only for them.