4-Koma Chans, a little series of one-offs and themed comic strips. Primarily follows a mini-Rabies and the two canon Chan children, Trash and Dust. None of this should be considered canon, but I do try to stay reasonably in line with it... however reasonably you can get with a non-canon basis.

Listed from Latest to First

Worm Moon (Cont.)
Worm Moon
Snow Moon
Muzzle Trouble (4)
Muzzle Trouble (3)
Muzzle Trouble... At Night (2)
Muzzle Trouble... At Night
Muzzle Trouble (2)
Muzzle Trouble (1)
Welcome Back, Note-Chan!
Good-Bye, Note-Chan...
Dust-Dust Revolution!!
Wolf Moon
Original (Remade) - Marker (Cont.)