Why Chans?

aka me tripping over my love of cute n colorful chicks

When I first learned about Chans, I initially wasn't all too interested. The concept had been done before (that being girls based off of everyday objects/ concepts/ animals) and I was never into media that held a cast of female-only characters. Most of the time this sort of thing was reserved for men (or at least, I felt it was), since typically the girls would just do cute things or fanservice, all wrapped up in a lukewarm plot (if there was one). This of course included a male character (the viewer's self-insert) that was often times on the short end of the stick to these girls' shenanigans (and I am not a male).

I held these beliefs right until I really started to understand what Chans were all about. Turns out, I was pretty wrong. Chans were (nearly) normal, everyday people like you and me (kinda), living (semi-)regular lives in a (almost) regular world. Their stories aren't all slice-of-life with a touch of slapstick- they were also an exploration on how they, as a new and unique race on a changed, future Earth, survived.

Which sounds pretty major, doesn't it?! When it comes down to it, it's still a bunch of cute girls being cute. And that's kinda what I like!! Yahahahaaa!!!