Splatoon has been my favorite and (close to!) my most-played game of all time, right across all three entries in the series! It's become so core to my being, that I'm even an inkling online! Been one since I can remember....

Why not come on in and check out the musings of such a long-time fan?

Recommended Sites

A fan-run, independent wiki dedicated to the Splatoon series. Highly recommend to get your facts straight and your memory refreshed!

Leanny's Home
A page with databases, in-game image resources, and tools for Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3.

Website dedicated to competitive Splatoon 3 resources, including a tournament calendar, build analyzer, and more!
I first began my Splatoon journey... well, when the announcement was made, but most importantly when I recieved the WiiU and Splatoon pack for my birthday. I was so excited, I woke up early ready to play! I continued playing even when Splatoon 2 was out on the switch (mostly because I didn't have one).

My journey in the Splatoon series continues in this next installment on the Nintendo Switch. Another life-altering birthday gift, I spent many days and nights toiling away with newfound gear and weapons ahoy! I even took a chance in the competitive scene for a moment there.

The latest installment to a now popular series, it's thanks to a very good, long-time friend was I able to get with the program early. Exciting new adventures and fresh, new friendships await with this one!