Nice to meet you!
Hello! Welcome to /home! This is kinda like a virtual bedroom where I put things more personal to me away. Pretty neat, huh?

If you look to the left... there's a woomy. I'm more comfortable being seen as an inkling than anything else. I can't really see myself as a furry, and a plain, regular person is too personal. So you get to see woomy... yayyy!!

I think that's all you need to know about me right now. I don't like sharing about myself beyond that kind of blurb. Maybe if we got to know eachother, I'd be more than happy to share a little more! I love to share with my friends, after all!

You look around the room...
Laying beside a bed piled with blankets is a Dream Diary!
On a shelf overlooking the room, a Beaded Cross is placed.
Amidst a pile of stationary was a Written Sheet- with a squid still writing on it!
Could you tell me about your inkling, at least?
Oh, her? Well, sure! I wouldn't mind telling you all about her. She's a part of me - or, really, a projection of me - that I love sharing.

My inkling goes by the name Twicky- the same name I use for myself online. In a past iteration of the name, she was a completely different character. She's changed a lot even from the start of her new self, but I guess that's how it is. People change, especially when a lot happens in that span of time.

Her personality is something like my own... or, how I hope to be. Friendly, competitive, and thoughtful, my inksona loves being with friends and having fun with them. Nothing is better to her than a riveting battle bound to become a warm memory. She loves trying to do her best, even if things tend to escape her time to time.

To share a hobby, my inkling occasionally draws too. Although, she's really bad at it, and all her art looks like a child scrawled on a piece of paper. But she's very proud of her artwork, even if she never actually improves! A humorous quality often lost on her.

Twicky lives in an apartment at Flounder Heights, just like every other incarnation of inksona I've had. She lives on her own, although in another instance, she shares the place with a person she loves. Preferring to be out and about, she often visits her best friend's house to babysit his little friends. Being there makes her feel very happy, so she's over pretty frequently!!

My inkling is me... she lives the life I wish I had. It's fun to think about.

The Things
I Enjoy!

= My Epic Top 3 Interests :D =

Splatoon - I put this here first, because it's undeniable... I like Splatoon! I started playing in late 2015 on the WiiU. I was so lucky to get the WiiU + Splatoon pack for my birthday!! Just like that... I was hooked!! Woahhh!! Something that really helped was the multiplayer aspect, along with the beautiful art I'd see! My favorite pasttime included scrolling through twitter and saving tons of art on my phone... it was the best. Still here, two more installments to the series later!!

Chans - Something I have to give thanks for, is Chans. Probably my biggest motivation to draw, improve, experiment, and to try, Chans have been a very beloved interest of mine this past year. I love learning about the lore, the characters, their world, and nearly every day I wonder things about them. New stories, new characters, new questions. This budding little series has felt incredibly refreshing for me, and has been a great escape from reality as well. Don't get me started on it... I'll talk your ear off!! Wahaha!!
Cute Things - Since I was a kid, I always loved animals, girly things, pretty people. Growing up, I feel like I've betrayed myself a lot when it comes to this, and often still do. It's hard to like cute things when you're expected to be clean, mature, adult. I don't particularly want to be infantilized. I just want to be surrounded by cute plushies!! Fill my room with cute pictures!! I wanna wear cute clothes!! I wanna look at cute girls!! Everything in the world should be cute!! I'll tell it like it is if it isn't!! Hahaha!!

My Music Playlist(s)!