Music & Me

When it comes to me and the way I listen to music, it's not as significant as other people's. These days, I often put on my headphones, only to listen to nothing. If I do listen to anything, it's usually a Vinesauce video. Otherwise, I'm not one to seek out music to listen to- but when I do listen to music, it's either to keep a consistent state of mind, or to inspire a fit of impulsive drawing.

Many of the songs I have listed here are songs that I've probably left on loop, and have inspired my artworks in some way. When it comes to listening, I will play only one song at a time, on loop, for maybe a day, several days, maybe even a week. I'll listen to nothing else, because if I do, I might ruin the creative inspiration I have running through my mind. Which sounds silly, but I really cannot tolerate it if a song sounds too different from the current or forces a complete tonal shift. That's how you create instability, people!

When it comes to things like musicians, albums, and discographies, there's not really anybody whose selection I completely adore. The only one I can think of is Daft Punk- nearly all of their music is amazing. But I have difficulty remembering the titles of their works, as with most songs (and media as you may have read previously elsewhere), so I don't feel comfortable calling myself a fan.

In short, I'm not really a music fan like many people tend to be. I use music as a tool for my artwork. If it can inspire me to make something, I like it. I won't go out of my way to find more music, though.