1/24/2020 ... Tags: Sexual, Violence

I dreamt that I was shopping for dresses with my friend. I wanted a big blue dress. It became night and she left while I stayed at the store. There, I walked around and saw people working in a warehouse-like room of books and boxes.

I was at the store, when I met a man. I [REDACTED] and clamoured for his attention. We [REDACTED] in the attic of the store, and drank an alcoholic apple cider. We ran out and he wanted more, so he sent members of his gang to get ingredients to make more. He kept shooting needles filled with silicone into my face while I waited for him in anticipation.

When I decided to go home, I took the bus. Halfway there, the windows shattered as shots rang out. I hid under a seat, when a man with a gun walked into the bus. I got up and saw another man with a gun looking at me, but he wouldn’t shoot a girl. I left the bus, walking down a road of stopped cars. People were warning us that there were snipers everywhere, and we were in a safe zone. I saw my mom walk across from the school to me, asking me why I didn’t answer her calls. We walked on.
1/23/2020 ... Tags: Sexual

I dreamt an old man on a computer was looking at [REDACTED]. He had his dick out and was scared when he saw me, running out the establishment into the street. I called the police and they came- but he was a wily one and ran about.

I was on a boat with my friend D. when we stepped to the port we were captured as slaves and tussled to the pink place. There, I saw animal people. I adoringly complimented a red panda person, but it was obvious these people saw me as a lesser being. I was able to rid myself of my shackles through force and trickery, and D and I sailed off back around the glacier, where I saw a boat of familiar boys.


Last night, I had two dreams.

In the first one, I remember having to take a test. Flying out from what seemed to be underwater, into a small town. Another girl and I dreamt of opening a tavern. We snuck into this RPG-style tavern and time went by as we stayed hidden. More people came, some even in cars, and garbage piled up in the town. Still the warriors partied and fought. We went to the town’s entry, where faces were being projected onto the walls. Outside there were modern buildings and clean-cut grass. we couldn’t make a tavern in this new world.

In the second dream, I was running from something. In the freezer were wafers. The console was running even though it should have been off, and when I turned it on there was a movie with mice playing. I went to the teller and tricked him into letting me go. We were at a castle-like home with lots of ice, broken or not. I swam into the water and saved some animal folk from drowning. The bear, who owned the castle, was overjoyed to find I had saved his son. We were invited into his castle to stay a while. However, at night, as I was fixing the room I was staying in, I spotted the bear, which had become wolf-like, inserting an orb into a socket under three or four other orbs. This called on the vampire king- an understatement, really- and he chased me about the castle grounds. I swam into the icy waters, dug through to the little bear’s room, before finally running out to where he had “spawned”. There his followers were; I tore off the ears of a horned, impish goblin woman, which held earrings of power, and then tore off the ears of an elf, also empowered by her earrings. A large man pinned me down and threatened to REDACTED, talking in such a creepy and reprehensible way that it almost didn’t seem so scary. He told me he saw videos of how to do it, and that he’s excited to try to shove things into me. I proceeded to kick him in the groin and stab him with the knife he held, and stabbed twice more before waking up out of the uncertainty I would be able to kill him.