11/30/2022 ... Tags: Death

I went to school and was looking for something after class. An event started at school to celebrate it being the first day. I called my grandmother to ask if I could stay at the school a while longer, but her voice sounded awful and croaky, nothing like her. I started crying when she told me she was gonna die soon. She said that she loved me, and I hung up after saying good bye.

11/29/2022 ... Tags: Violence

There was some sort of storyline to this dream. I was escaping from home, so my family set our little white dog, Benji, loose after me, though he had no idea what was happening. I scrambled over neighboring fences until I asked a lady for help. That's when we drove to the scene where the rest of the plot would happen. There was a horror festival, and I insisted I didn't want to participate, and the lady and the other lady in the car got upset and left me alone there.

I remembered the common enemy of man as a race was ongoing. A large building and we had to keep going. I held the collar of an enemy and let him run back to his people. Murder is against the law- why is it allowed? I then learned Note-Chan had died, and two Sketch-Chan sisters had died too, the younger having had the top of her head sliced off.

There was a dream-like sequence where I (who was then transferred to be the Main Character, somebody who was not me) was a small mouse in a field of corn, and Note-Chan and the older Sketch-Chan sister were talking about what was happening in the living world. The younger Sketch-Chan sister, who had been the main character's love interest, shows up and see the mouse-ified main character, and they head off to fight against the enemy. There was something important about this.

11/25/2022 ... Tags: Sexual

I went to a warehouse at night. It was the same warehouse I had seen in another dream- full of pornographic videos.


I was at school. I went to the locker room where some girl was talking about how they were ("peacefully") protesting at the convention center, and rather outspokenly at that. I told her it didn't really matter, and that violence didn't solve anybody's problems. She took issue with it and stayed close to me, saying stuff while her friends agreed on the issue. Then the bell rang and they left to class. I forgot what my class was, and so did this other guy, so we went to the office.

When we arrived the lady there recognized me, and sighed telling me I needed to focus on school. Then she told me to listen to this, and took out some fortune telling book. She opened to a purple page where on top was an Eevee sitting cutely with a pair of horns. The lady began to tell me how my life would be full of misery, selling myself to get by, being upset with the men I was with, wasting all my money and never saving a dime. That I'd die as miserably as I'd live and that as I kept going, nothing would change.

I just wanted to get to my class. Which I forgot in the first place, because I kept ditching it.


I was explaining to someone the parts of the color wheel. I was able to write the words out perfectly, though I forgot where red was for a moment. I then went to an old part of town that had old prize machines. I got a teddy bear, though it was a bootleg, as it only had one ear, and all of its details were printed onto the fabric. Cheap!

11/17/2022 ... Tags: Violence, Body Horror

The house was infested with rats. We had two cats, but they didn't do anything. So I let our dog, Benji, loose on the rats. He began killing them and was getting soaked in blood. One rat bit me on the ankle.

My mom wanted to go on vacation to the mountains, even though I didn't want to. When we got up there it was raining. The line to the lodge was long and full of college kids. After a while, my mom decided to leave. My foot started to hurt.

I was in a hospital with low lighting. They were doing experiments to create a new human lifeform. I had to pretend I was that to get away. I was then in a room of people getting ready to go somewhere. I took off my shoe and the bottom of my foot was blackened and flaky. I put the shoe back on and got into the car with the others.

We were in a PE class and dressed in our uniforms to get ready to play. I had forgotten to put on my underwear... a boy pointed it out and I can only remember going to a medical clinic from there. Someone told me they used to work there and the couple who owned it was nice. Although, they were obese, and it turned out the boss had died and his wife was left over. I saw his dead body and looked at a magazine to try to see what he looked like so I could make a cutout of him. I swam through the articles on the magazine and don't remember this particular scene transition.

I was in a restroom when I heard someone trying to get in. I hid the important thing behind rolls of toilet paper under the sink. When I stepped out, they thought I was an uninvolved little girl. I left, and outside I saw the house was on the side of a pier. We had to run away from here. Someone had been hit on the head, so I grabbed them and another person and ran off the pier into the water. All I can remember thinking was, "We can breath underwater", and we did. But where we would go I'd never know, since I woke up.


I was in a kind of shack home. I had to study for school. My mom and I went to the corner store for snacks. This corner store is a familiar dream location. I opened a book about a barbarian in a kingdom entrenched in lava.

Later down the line, I scalped a person in a desperate attempt to keep him from hurting me or the kitten I was with. The world was a theme park, til night came and it became a busy market. The restroom was dirty and in all the jars were potatoes and onions.

I always have to worry about keeping things safe from harm.


I was at a beachside city, before going on a cool-looking train packed with luggage against the walls. From it, I went to this dreary-looking place with a giant mansion in the middle of it. There was a plot involving it where I was doing the usual- running away. I ended up on the top of a tall hill, covered in a thick forest of blooming cherry blossoms. At the top was a base. I was with a dog, and it became injured. The people at the hill-top base took care of it, but they didn't want me there.

I went down the hill where there was a creek, and inside the hill was also a river. I decided to go fishing when the police came around, and I couldn't look suspicious. I was with other people then.


I dreamt twice.

I was a pegasus. People kept trying to kill or kidnap me. I flew with a band of other peculiar creatures, when we encountered an enemy creature. It exploded and killed two of us. I flew back somewhere and got on my knees before a person and begged for forgiveness, because one of the critters killed in the blast was their beloved. But I was a pegasus which is cool and stuff so everything was fine in the end as I continued to frolick away from poachers.

In the second dream, I dreamt there were these kittens with a mother cat, and someone kept moving them outside. I started freaking out about it when one kitten happened to have a broken wrist, and another disappeared. The remaining one died and I lost my marbles, becoming obsessed with watching over the last kitten. I became angry whenever anybody came close to them. The dream ended safely, though I did have a ton of unread mail for some reason.


I was a child taken to an island called Puerto Rico (different from the IRL one). I had to keep finding ways to escape to gain my freedom.

Later down the line, I got lost in my neighborhood. There were lots of people selling stuff on their yards. I saw an indicator that looked like my best friend's icon, so I went for it. As I got close, however, the scene changed. I was on a long road, with trees to the left and tall buildings to the right. When I looked back, the suburbs were gone. It was just the city, now. I spent a lot of time trying to find my way home through the city. My phone was dead, so I couldn't use it.

Later on, I was finally able to find some place like the neighborhood I knew, but there was something off about it. In the end, I found my house, kinda. I had to hide deep underground as a nuclear blast decimated the area.


I dreamt I was in a pseudo version of a friends server, with S and W and some other people. I was playing unite with one of them when my best friend popped in, and I felt shy and scuttled away.


There was a classroom. Two of the walls were only half a wall. One led outside, while the other led to another room. The other room was the exact same classroom with the exact same setup and exact same walls. The next room over was the same, but the problem was half the floor was grass, and in the corner was a mass of satanic insects that kept rewinding time. All the classrooms were a few seconds apart from one another.

The school was also satanic, and needed the bugs to be exorcised. The bugs however kept overwhelming the room, like shadows, and I had to go to the next room over. There were people in that room trying to help, but nothing was working. I decided to walk outside one of the rooms and found myself on campus grounds. It was daytime here. The school I had walked from was a giant block of concrete. The dream ended as I watched a cat try to walk up a slide.

11/02/2022 ... Tags: Violence

The story of an eccentric man with violent tendencies. By the end of the dream, I felt we were in the clear... til he appeared and began to viciously rip the face of my companion off with his teeth.


I fed a kitty a cookie with milk, and ate tempura.



Someone pinged me, and when I looked at it, it sent me to a server my friends are in. D's icon was Rabies-Chan. C was there too. I wondered why I was there. Then something about a train running through the building, and I tried to catch up to it. I had a journey to get to.


I went to a book store. I saw books about Persona, South Park, Pokemon, Splatoon, and other things. The Persona books were about a character that didn't exist. The Splatoon and South Park books were fanfictions and doujinshi. The Pokemon books were a 5-part series about the life of a dodrio. I remember seeing a book, and thinking, "Oh yeah, didn't people say they really liked this one?". It was a 40-part series about Max, Goofy's son. A weird subject looking back on it, but I thought it was cool. Though when I took out volumes 1-3, they were in balls. Turns out they had a gimmick where putting them in water made them expand. Someone said it made it more authentic, since Max apparently didn't take very good care of his diary.


Some friends and I and the leader of North Korea caused some trouble and an investigation started over it. I was able to get away... for a while.


I took a nap and saw Bomb-Chan. She wasn't of much significance, but she was present towards the end of my dream.

10/23/2022 ... Tags: Violence, Gore, Existentialism

I dreamt about horses. From the view of my bedroom, I could see my neighbor's backyard, which was a giant, lush field with a fenced-in area full of colorful horses. I went over to look at them. The neighbor let me have one. I then dreamt my friend S dug out a beach for A. It was nice.

I went back to the apartment. Something was wrong with the condo. I walked in from the back door. Two young men were watching TV in the living room. I said hello. Then someone crashed their car through the window, took out a chainsaw and beheaded one of the men. A woman began to freak out at the scene. I ran outside and the person with the chainsaw began to follow me. I went towards a government building where security apprehended the person. He was sent down to multiple layers of a digital prison, but he knew he'd just escape....

At the end of the dream, I looked at the street the condo was on. Earlier in the dream, it looked a lot like the street I live on now IRL. Throughout the dream was construction. Now, the street looked nothing like it did at the start. My neighbor's giant green field of horses had been replaced with lowly apartments made of cement. I became depressed at the sight, and became an elderly woman. Someone who seemed familiar to me, another elderly person, approached me and told me a friend of ours was visiting. We walked down the street and met with someone I knew IRL. He was older from what I remember, but he still looked young, despite being older than me in years. We hugged- it was nice seeing him again after so long.

We all walked together down the street, talking about things from days gone by. He made a remark about the current politicians. All the places we went to were dead ends. Tired of this restricting new world, we grew butterfly wings and flew away, through trees and over grasses of green.

10/21/2022 ... Tags: Sexual (Mention)

I dreamt twice.

I was in a yard. I didn't belong there. People wanted to fight, kinda like Pokemon. I just ran away and kept running, as far as possible. I was so on edge, I didn't know where to go, so I woke up. Time spent not running was a moment of closer to caught.

In the second dream, I was entirely lost, and didn't know where to go. Slept in an apartment lobby for two days. I met a man there, but he would only give me his key if I gave him a sexual favor. I left and took a bus elsewhere. I messaged my best friend about it, how I didn't know where to go. The bus stopped at a neighborhood, and I got off and continued to wander aimlessly. I ended up at a construction site eventually. I picked up a pencil, and on it was carved "Texas Barber Shop". I asked my best friend if he had any idea what that was, and he stopped messaging me. I walked through the construction site and saw a pretty plaza ahead. I looked around, trying to spot anything familiar, when it became late and I was still lost. I ended up hiding in an alleyway and stayed there.

When it was day again, I went looking again. I got instructions to a museum. By the museum was an airport. I went to the airport, and was able to go home. I peeked out from curtains to see I was in my mom's living room. People were over at the house. I woke up while I was in the closet, looking at boxes with stickers of kittens.


I dreamt of the birth of a Chan.

The furthest back I can remember is going to my IRL's house to hang out. Her dad was taking pity on me because of my situation. We had to go to school, so we went. There was some dating thing going on, and I had papers with drawings of Rabies-Chan. I gave one to my IRL since it had the work for the class. After we left, she said she got something cool. The teacher had drawn Rabies-Chan for her, but also drew her as if her muzzle was her mouth. I pointed it out.

When we had to go home, it was difficult. I kept looking for my money, and people kept asking for it. I took two people take a small plane, crash it, then kept riding it on land like some weird skit. Suddenly, my perspective changed to that of a mouse in a field. It woke up and began to eat corn. Just as suddenly, lightning struck close by. The farmer was taken aback, and the mouse hid from the farmer's cat. Some people arrived in a helicopter to take whatever it was that had surprised the farmer away. I wondered how small they could have been. I saw Clipboad-Chan before I woke up.


Plastic molded slides, the night at dusk, lanterns and little houses in the grass. Like corners of homes unseen.


My dream had bits of Splatoon in it. Some inklings and I were in a testing facility trying to escape. It was dark, and we only managed to get away because the conveyor belt suddenly stopped.

What I remember dreaming last about was me at home with some other, different people, talking about stuff. I talked about how pants dug into my skin and how I liked to rub the sore spots. Somebody else asked, "Does a roller coaster do that to you?! Why do you keep wearing them?" where I had to explain that I run out of good-fitting pants rather quickly. Something about the time was important, but I forgot.


I had such a long dream... from the neighborhood, my neighbor, the city, a stadium, boys, bullies, a concrete garden, the terminal up the building, secret spaceship, apocalypse, an apprentice, flying carpets, more lava, birds who can turn into thieves, soda, the family car. Ominously, while messing with the terminal, I stuffed my face with takis, and the more I ate, the sicker I got, and the worse my stomach burned. I couldn't stop my dream self from eating til there were none left. Felt a painful fire in my insides.


I dreamt twice.

I was playing on a server together with a bunch of people in a game like Minecraft, in reality. Three entrances of our base had lava, so I walked into the last one that didn't have lava flow coming from a wall. Someone was working on a table, when someone else slipped a pan of something hot over the floor. I stepped on it and quickly took my foot out of it and ran back to our shared based. The stuff got off my foot, but it had burned through my shoe. My foot had been burnt and was blistered. It hurt for the rest of the dream.

In the second dream I was moving stuff around my room and kept having to kill snakes and roaches. It was making me feel overwhelmed. Just a moment before, my room had been perfectly fine. I couldn't tell if the snakes were venomous or not. I kept striking them with a hammer to kill them, and they kept splitting apart when I hit them, and that made me feel grossed out. There was one on my bed that was orange with little arms. I left its corpse on my bed, forgot about it, and when I went back to get something jumped away and hurriedly patted my clothes. I was scared that I had snake corpse sticking to me.

10/13/2022 ... Tags: Gore, Death

I dreamt twice.

I was in a house in a room at night. I was looking out to the yard as some guys were messing around. One was being teased so relentlessly he pulled out a gun, and shot the one closest to him, and it started a panic.

Suddenly, I was outside with my mom somewhere else. A bus with girls standing on it passed by, but when it tried to turn one of the girls fell to the ground. The bus stopped and the other girls came down to see if she was okay, my mom following. The girls began to scream and ran down the street, while my mom just laughed loudly. The girl who had fallen had both of her arms torn from their sockets, with one hanging by the flesh. I was so grossed out by what I saw I woke up.

My second dream consisted of racing and superheroes.


It all started out when I was at a plaza... and a war started happening. Going outside, there was a ton of dead people, and it freaked me out. I ran away to a college facility nearby. I wasn't allowed in since I wasn't a student or staff, but I stayed close by long enough to get an idea of where to go where it wasn't dangerous. The fighting approached, and grew louder and louder, so I went out to the river nearby and took it down to the sea.

There was a beautiful reef underneath the surface... I kept moving until I found land again. I kept on moving through it, til finally, there was a boat. I got on and saw some people I knew, along with my best friend. He was wearing a beige coat with black pants and worn dress shoes. His skin was lightly tanned, his hair thin, black, and went below his jaw, with thick hair on his chin. I was only able to get on the boat because I faked my nationality. The boat sailed til it stopped at a port, which led into a huge tropical island with tons of buildings and people trying to escape the war.

We went and put our stuff in a temporary apartment above a restaurant. It had a really nice view from the balcony. My best friend and I had lunch together, and I was able to forget about the war for a while, eating heartily and laughing. After the meal, I wandered the island a bit. The entire area was incredibly lively. I remembered my best friend saying he lost his hat, so I went looking for it. Suddenly at the docks, boats started appearing for the countries we were meant to escape to. I went back, where everyone had their stuff packed and ready, and I started crying because we had to go our separate ways. There was a painting next to the door of the apartment in black and white of people in agony as a bomb went off in the background. Someone showed it to me explained we couldn't stay on the island because it could be attacked at any moment.

I asked my best friend if he would promise to stay friends throughout the war no matter where we were. We then headed off towards the boats. I woke up taking my stuff down the stairs.

10/08/2022 ... Tags: Nightmare, Gore, Death

I dreamt twice.

I was at the store with my mom and my stepdad. My stepdad went off to walk around the aisles. There was a dead baby with an umbilical cord laying on a shelf. My stepdad saw how freaked out I must have looked, and grabbed the baby and its cord and tried to shove it onto me. When I moved away, he tried to wrap the cord around me. I screamed and ran towards my mom.

My mom, after I've told her what happened, grew upset at my stepdad and talked about how babies were dying. Which was awkward, since apparently the dead child's mother was actually sitting close by. My mom and I walked off to another part of the store, and there were... coffins for babies. Some other family had put their own dead baby in one of the coffins on display. When my mom saw, she totally flipped out and started to break down crying and screaming. She was in total grief over it and I felt distressed since it seemed like she had forgotten I was there. I grabbed her and moved her out of the aisle. My mom ended up telling me my grandma had money for a coffin in case I had been a miscarriage.

It gets worse as we leave the store, because mom starts to treat me like I'm not even there. My mom and stepdad both get into the car and lock it, and I had to open it myself to even get in. It was as if I wasn't there anymore. I woke up taking pencils out of my nose.

I fell asleep again and dreamt I was at my best friend's house. Behind it was an abandoned sushi place in the woods. I went to someone else's house and there was an elotero man outside. He put so much lemon in the wheat wheels... I woke up hearing an elotero man's horn outside, and had a dry mouth.

10/07/2022 ... Tags: Violence

I was in a small shoe store that sold bootleg shoes. I knew the person who was running it. From there, a news article about people looking for women to do programming appeared. It explained that none of the women they interviewed wanted to do the job because all of their employers had sexually assaulted them. I went ahead to a fast-food place, where a short and fuzzy T-Rex that wanted to be referred to as "Little Sir" was graffiti'd to a brick wall.

I last remember standing on knives in order to walk into an occult room, and waking up right as a bad guy hit a kitty with a machete.
10/03/2022 ... Tags: Nightmare, Gore

I dreamt twice.

There was a new mode in Splatoon where people went to this island in servers, servers being in-game servers. It involved something akin to a boss rush. Everyone arrived alright, and we prepared a bit before we stepped foot onto the island, which had a force field and a huge, covered base. Once inside it, we looked for our first boss, but nobody was there.

Then it became an investigative mission. People kept wandering off and I had no idea what to do. At one point, I was alone in a room. I watched as people walked by the door. I thought about Rabies-Chan, and how I wanted to be with her at that moment. Eventually we all regrouped in one room.

Something scary happened while we were looking for signs of the boss in the room, surveying the objects present. Suddenly, the power went out, and one room across from ours emanated a red light. A baby doll with black, bleeding eyes stood up, and there was a fetus in a plastic bag. The girl next to me became possessed and started digging into my stomach. The other people with us started screaming, and it hurt, so I woke up. I felt shaken.

In my second dream, I really wanted a comic, and took a job at a movie theater. I went to school and was all alone. I don't remember what the comic was. I saw a very familiar mall.

After having dreamt of streets, I found myself in a mall. I wandered around it a while and at some point, on the second floor, I saw a display case completely dedicated to Rabies-Chan. Pictures, figures, papers- I was so mesmerized by it all, til the alarm went off and the mall started flooding. I wanted to stay with Rabies-Chan, but I couldn't control my actions. I went to the stairwell next to the display and went to the third floor. The world was full of water- I guess it was for the best I avoided it, because it was found flesh-eating amoeba were rife in it. I woke up, with only a memory of her.



I had a long and complicated dream... however, I only remember bits of it. Chess in a cave, a bus to a field trip, the march home. Books of every color, stories describing the lives of children, the sun beginning to set over the hill.

After repeatedly escaping authorities, a man (the protag) shows up on an island, where he is given a job. He has to kill an old man who lived alone on another island made of concrete. At the same time, he's trying to find a girl he stole a bracelet from. The bracelet has a charm in the shape of scissors, that were actually so sharp they could easily slice through skin.

The man shows up on the concrete island and finds his hit outside. They start a chase when finally he catches up to the old man, who recognizes the bracelet as being his daughter's. From here, things get a little messy. The protagonist went back to the previous island, and sees a strange girl in all white. She looks nothing like the girl he was looking for. When they meet, she's a mute and doesn't react to him at all. Around this point some other things go down where the old guy shows up and there's a clash where the protag ends up heavily wounded. The strange girl takes the bracelet from him, gets on a motorbike, and bails.

In the end, the girl is seen on a cliffside highway, where she deliberately drives full-force into a concrete compound and shoots the old man to death. She was an actress who disappeared when it came to light her parents, also actors, were heroine fiends... her mother died of an overdose and her father turned to sodomy.

My neighbor and uncle wanted to commit [REDACTED]. I went outside of the apartment... the world had been in shambles just moments before. I had to go to class, and there was an assembly where everyone got a shitty phone for communication since we were all going on a trip. I remember someone giving me theirs since they wanted to use their own phone. I texted S with it and we were yucking it up while some lady was talking about her traumatic experiences in the "bad times".

I saw a bunch of cats on the apartment grounds. In the game world we were a traveling party walking through the story. A rickety bridge and I was back out. Most I remember by the end of the dream were the masses walking away.

I dreamt about school. I saw Ghoul, my best friend's black cat, in my dream. I understood this because of her red mouth, lithe body, and her fat tail that didn't taper at the end. I saw her while looking out of the attic, where class was being held, onto the abandoned backyard below. It was a large yard, surrounded by a tall fence lined by trees, parts overgrown....

I was stuck in a house with a maniac. He told me he owned me like property and kept trying to touch me. I wanted to escape, but the situation was difficult, as he would have killed me. I remember a man with galaxies in his eyes staring into mine, his eyes becoming bigger and bigger until I had to look away from the vastness of space, because it was all a bit too much. Somebody helped me escape, but I remember having to hide under the grass in the small place between a fence and a shed. The scary man tried to find me... stressful.

The dream shifted. I went to eat lunch with a bunch of people outdoors. I was just about to ask this nice-looking guy if he wanted to go for a walk, when everyone suddenly became quiet.

A man wearing a suit, gloves, a helmet, and a suitcase in his hand approached nearby. He put the briefcase to the floor, opened it, and took out a gun. He pointed it towards all of us as he came closer and sat at my table. Apparently, we were all prime-time freaks wanted for government weapon testing, and he demanded we all come with him quietly or he'd shoot us all. I saw some small children from another table sneak away. I remember being able to sneak away as well, but then something happened and things went south as everyone scattered.

It was a beautiful day... ruined by the scene of a ghetto. I found a lot of lost people in a dreary little shop. One of the children was in a wheelchair. I went with her and some others out to look for a place to hide. We went to a very compact shopping area that had tattoo parlors and auto shops, all with an air of danger to them. Eventually, we walked to a dog hotel at a dead end and went inside to see if there was anything we could do.

There, I saw her... baby Rabie sleeping soundly. She didn't have any clothes on. I wondered if they had mistaken her for a dog. I picked her up and held onto her. A friendly detective I felt I was familiar with entered the building, and I was very excited to see him. I told him how we were looking for a place to stay. We went outside and kept walking. The dirty greys of the ghetto faded as we walked by a beautiful park. I was woken up by an alarm while Rabie was still held in my arms.

I was at school, ditching class to leave it. I lost my way home. I saw a badger in someone's yard, and elsewhere, a kitty with a bite taken out of it. I grew sick in my dream. When I woke up, I had nausea and stomach pain.

I went to a place called "RE HAB". It was a place advertised as a utopia for people my age. It sure didn't live up to that description.

Some others and I arrived from an elevator, that had a glass wall, leading from the earth all the way into the sky. That puts a lot into question considering the only way to escape thereafter was by river.

On the first night at this utopia, I learned that boys were allowed to abuse and attack girls, and that girls were advocated to show boys how to further abuse them. It was too weird for me, so I walked away from the crowd, even when I knew they were watching.

I went to a small cottage-like building where they held a performance. They were nice there. Yet, I knew I wanted to leave still. I looked to the east, where people went hiking. I looked to the west, where the town was. The south was walled off by trees. The river going north was the only way. However, even when I tried to go through, I kept being told to go back... I would have fought for my freedom if I had to.

I had a kind of nightmare. I was at summer school. I walked to my class since it was being held at the nearby elementary school. We were having our final tests that day. However, I suddenly grew faint. I fell down and was unable to control my body, lost my sense of hearing, and tried to scream for help, only to find my voice was faint. A few kids saw me and called for a teacher. I was able to move a bit and got up as a teacher approached. Everyone around was telling her to call an ambulance, but she just looked annoyed, albeit smiling.

In my waking life, I have always had problems with feeling that my teachers disliked me.

I asked her to call an ambulance, and she responded saying it wasn't necessary seeing as I was perfectly fine now. I was horrified- I felt like what I had experienced wasn't a problem. I begged her to call somebody, and grew so upset I insulted her. That seemed to make her fly off the handle in fury, and it scared me so much I went to see the principal about the situation. The teacher followed me from the class and when I made it to the principal's office she suddenly disappeared. As I explained what happened to the principal, I heard the teacher screaming outside maniacally. I felt so scared, I woke up.

I dreamt twice.

I went with a friend to go eat at a sushi place. We had finished eating when we both suddenly felt a slight tremor, before it became stronger and stronger, becoming a full-blown earthquake. The lights were falling and shattering- then I woke up.

In my second dream, I went to a strange all-you-can-eat buffet that my family were apparently quite familiar with. I was still wearing my pajamas, so I went to the restroom to change. There were boys in there, and they kept trying to touch me. The restroom smelled foul and the stalls didn't even have proper doors on them, instead having half-sized gates that were just the frame. I had to change in a stall someone had vomited all over. Suddenly, the restroom was outside.

There were police, and they were investigating someone. I looked behind me and there was a man with a gun approaching. I hurried out from the stall and heard gunshots. I kept running, not knowing where I was. The man moved closer to me, still shooting, and I woke up, because I didn't want the dream to continue.

My mom and I went up to the mountains to look at houses for sale. All the houses had something off about them in one way or another. One house had glass walls at the back of it, and a tall, glass ceiling. Another felt quite nice, but was built like a bunker on the inside and was fitted with old, mysterious technology. I went out to the woods where I saw a shack by some train tracks. Rabies-Chan was hanging out in the shack. That's no place for her.... The shack was also for sale. Why not buy it and make it look nice on the land?

A little way aways from the shack were the scattered remains of a temple. Day into night, above the mountain, let's keep track of that. I remember going into a building and seeing people I recognized, but then one turned into a dolphin, and two others seals. We were waiting to get a move on with moving, when my mom finally arrived with my aunt and cousins. As I was laughing about the bunker house, the dream suddenly shifted....

I was on a train. Suddenly, at the window I was next to, a kitten clung onto it from the outside. The train began to move incredibly fast, the kitten's fur blasting in one direction, before all I saw were its little paws gripping onto the edge of the window as it slipped, and then it was gone. That woke me up....

I was a senior operative for the Kids Next Door. I was undertaking a mission when my companion suddenly disappeared. A new recruit showed up at the compound I was at to fill in for the missing agent's role, but were so annoying and horrible to deal with that I went insane. We were still on the mission however, and it was messed up badly due to the recruit's lack of attention and ability to follow orders. So much so we had to abandon it and head back to base.

As soon as we got there, the first thing I did was drop to the floor and began foaming at the mouth. I couldn't move my body at all. The recruit suddenly became very concerned, but I really couldn't care or deal with them at the moment. It was a bit embarrassing, being an operative at my level, and being unable to speak, write, or walk. The stress of dealing with that new recruit practically turned me into a vegetable.

Eventually I was able to move little by little on my own, and had to fill out paperwork regarding the mission's failure. The secretary whom I was with, when learning the major cause for the accident was a new recruit, just sighed. As soon as I got better I was sent out on another mission... tough luck.

I became friends with someone who I thought in my waking life was a creep, and a loser. I did not like him. Even in my dream, I was confused as to why I was friends with this person. We were on discord in a server, which had a bunch of furry images posted around, particularly bara.

I may have dreamt this because I had seen someone who drew furry bara art in my waking life. Whoops.



I was in a class with Kukcs. My best friend was the gym teacher. However, some flaming bitch teacher took over the class, and it irritated me with how frequently she became mad, especially towards every little sound. Kukcs and I went and proceeded to ditch the class.

Later in the dream, I had become chibi Rabies-Chan. I was playing some sort of MMORPG. There was time travel and a villain group, the latter making the game hell to play. I took a horse and ran off into the woods while one of them told me to stop. In the chatbox, I saw people talking about how a catboy had run off into a shed, and stopped saying "Nyaaa x3" after what had happened in there. I found the shack, but someone was still trying to catch me. Someone opened the door to the shed and I killed them. Someone else opened the door, and all I had left was a stick.

Another user in the game began a "cleansing" event, where they started to kill off everyone in sight in a crowded area.

I dreamt twice.

A girl was to be executed by a man. I beat the gun out of his wife's hands and shot the man dead. I don't know why they wanted to kill her.

"Banana George Dot Orge"

There was a children's book, that told the story of a man leading people to safety from a terrible land. They had all been set to die. The man came across those who wished to kill these innocent people, so he went to a sailor to ask for help. The sailor went and was able to dismiss their would-be murderers, and let the innocent people cross the sea on his boat.

I looked at my wrist, and there was a hole in it. It felt painful. I poked my finger in it, stretched it around, to no avail.

In the cold and snow, train tracks lead out somewhere. I ate food that was close to rotten, and left some. I drove a car over the tracks, passing under a tree. The snowy lands are too cold... people will die.

I listened to a gameshow called "King of the Mountain", where two rich families in a small country decided to execute people on television for views. The majority of those killed were women with children. It sure was something to see their faces, nervous with a smile or serious, before they were made to die. Their children were always crying alongside them. I woke up pondering its existence.

In my second dream, I dreamt that I worked at a jewelry store. As I was being moved along with other workers on the street towards the workplace, people were coming up to me and trying to convert me to Christianity. The people I was with were fraudulent. The owner ended up sabotaging the jewelry store for insurance and blamed it on me.

I then spent time in my dream painting and thinking. There on the canvas, was a charming rabbit hero and his three companions. As creatures of God, they traveled the world to save the innocent. The rabbit was called Tomato, because his fur used to be red. Now, however, it was purple, because God marked him for his heroism.

No matter how much I stirred the paint, however, I couldn't get purple....

I dreamt twice.

My mom and I moved into a new house together. One of my stuffed animals, a dog that I apparently really adored, began appearing in strange places around the house, as if moving. It would always appear somewhere brandishing a knife or fork. I became convinced it had become possessed by a demon. I told my mom, afraid, that no matter what I did it kept moving and and forks and knives kept disappearing as a result. Crosses weren't working.

I went to my grandmother and begged her to take me to see a priest. It took my mom seeing the plush disappear and reappear to convincer her to let me go. When we arrived to the church, I was holding onto the dog plush tightly. The priest was taking a moment to appear, which was when the plush suddenly disappeared from my hands. It showed up again on the pedestal, where behind the priest finally was coming along holding holy water. The plush sprung up on its little legs, and ran towards me. I then began to speak.

"My name is Ophelia. Do you want to know how I deal with boys?"

I would have liked to have known what it wanted to say, but the priest grabbed it away and started to wash it down with the holy water. I felt very tired by the whole ordeal, and although I initially wanted my beloved stuffed puppy back, told my mom I couldn't bear to take it home. Having been washed, the plush had transformed in appearance, bearing bat-like markings, with its ears having transformed into bat wings. I could feel the demonic connotations of these things, so gave it up to the church.

It was then explained in my dream that the reason the demon could come to possess my plush puppy was because its soul had become vulnerable, due to the pain and mental anguish I would cry into it. It had been battered and old, and with how sad I constantly felt, grew weary. I woke up scared.

In my second dream, I was ditching class in a very large, albeit strange school. I kept ditching my classes because ghosts of past bad experiences kept showing up in them, wanting to force their perversions on me. I kept walking in circles on the campus, however, with each lap, something changed, and the campus grew weirder and weirder. As I was on a bridge over a large pond, someone I had been walking with fell into water, and all that was left of them was blood. I turned around and ran off the bridge.

Two women kept following me, and became suddenly close enough to shove their hands into my mouth and start ripping at my teeth. A bunch of them became loose, and as I tore myself away from the women's hands and ran off, I began to spit them out into my hands. Turns out, my teeth could transform, and could be utilized as tools or for bodily enhancements. As a result however, people kept trying to steal my teeth.

I kept going around, with a mouth full of loose teeth. I wanted to cry for help, but I also wanted to save another ditching student from being caught. So I turned one of the men trying to catch them into a large smiley-face using one of my teeth. It was a very uncomfortable experience.

I dreamt twice.

I was with some boys at night. I recognized one of them as being somebody I went to high school with. We sat together in a car and talked. He requested a sexual favor from me, but I refused and only let him go so far as to cuddle me, before I left when another of the boys began to argue with him. Headache....

Sometime later in the dream, I was caught in a world I shouldn't have been in, with my mom and a few others. We were being held hostage. There were portals, and I sent a cry for help through one in the form of a red pearl with the ability to transmit messages. I managed to corner one of our captors in a bathroom, telling them "this is going to be difficult to say," proceeding to tell them something I can't remember, and ending it with me savagely beating them to death. At some point my mom fell over and began to cry out, having been hurt by the fall. I asked the people who were with me to take her somewhere safe.

I saw myself in a mirror and began to sob. I felt like I had lost my sense of happiness.

In the second dream, I had dreamt of being in a store at an amusement park/ zoo, and had difficulty deciding whether to bring an orange monkey to life as a heavy wooden puppet, or as a lightweight little plush.

There was a girl two doors down from me that owned a pet shark. I had also seen someone else on the street with a shark. I offered to buy her shark off her, but no matter what, she wouldn't budge on it. Then I saw my bestie, and the world drastically changed. It became more fantasy-like, with giant birds, a moon within the atmosphere, and strange creatures. It was still the neigborhood I had been standing in, though.

It was then I learned that I had the ability to create little creatures, and that I could communicate with them. My best friend noticed this and and told me to come along with him. He spoke with a lot of authority, so I did. He then explained to me the world, and of a group he was a part of, and here I noticed that he was a villain. My friend wanted to use the creatures of this world to control it. I began to feel very nervous over this looming prospect.

I went back to the girl with the pet shark, and proceeded to stab it to death in an attempt to save it from a life of enslavement. It was pointless however, as two more sharks appeared in its wake. Too bad... flight of the stork, I saw a blue world and a snowy-white ground. My best friend was a villain... I woke up while I was with him.

I dreamt twice.

I was at a mall. A bunch of kids from school began pouring in towards the shops. I texted my best friend, telling him to come to the mall so we could hang out, but he responded saying "Didn't you see all the reading I have to do? I don't think I can go". I replied, going "awww okay", and he texted back, "maybe later if you want", though I proceeded to insist that we could hang out another day if he was too busy.

I got off my phone and looked around at the store I was in. There were shelves with magazines that also had comics between them. One series that interested me was about these anthropomorphic dog girls, quite obviously based off of a particular doll line in real life, going on adventures together. I found parts one and two of a three parter where they went adventuring in a canyon. I looked at another book that had weird printing. I went to pay for what I wanted and talked to my cousin. Much of the mall consisted of high schoolers at that moment.

Suddenly, the dream became tumultous. Outside it became night, and the lights began to flicker. Then there was a whole plot about ghosts of pissed-off people, and a miniature train on a track in an oven. Don't let the ghosts take what you have.

Much of the rest of the dream consisted of me and toilets... I left the toilet and saw people I knew re-enacting scenes from Harry Potter. I then dropped pills on the floor, of which I had no idea what they were for. There were small ones, and large ones. I put them away.

In the second dream, I was in a strange game world. As I made to avoid being hit by a flaming cannonball, I saw a cartoon horse's eyes begin to spin like slots, and as they finally stopped the person I was with went "oh shit". A picture of Wolverine appeared, but I looked away for a moment to survey the damages the cannonball from before had caused. When I looked back, there was a whole where his crotch had been. The person I was with explained that Wolverine's dick had split in 32 different ways, and the pieces had shot off, one apparently hitting somebody I knew (who was also participating in the game), killing him instantly. He respawned instantly, though the description made go... oh.

I dreamt of an animator that made animations based off of a particular series of children's storybooks. There was a scene of an owl talking to a rabbit, and one of a shower of monkeys swinging down trees. The animation had painted backgrounds, with crisp, hand-drawn cells. I saw and opened a book from the storybook artist, but can only remember one. It was about three lion cubs and a doe. I tried to draw the doe like the artist had done.

Looking up from what I had invested myself in, I saw that I was in an attic at night. The only sources of light came from the moon and the lampposts outside. From the window I could see children running across and over the rooftops.

There was a computer monitor in the attic. As I was taking a look, people in weird costumes came into the attic through the windows, and people who had already been in the attic appeared. The costumed people began to grab at those already in the attic as if it were a game. The one who dubbed himself the "cheese king", who the rest seemed to listen to, approached me. He told me that he wanted to REDACTED me until my organs fell out. I nervously laughed, declining, and left the attic.

As soon as I went outside, it appeared to be day again. On the street I found a box of puppies. I picked it up and walked down the street towards where the vet clinic was. But as I turned the corner, I saw a dead body on the street, covered with a white sheet in a puddle of blood. Another body was behind it, covered much better than the former. There was police on the scene, and the freeway above had a crashed car on its edge. Somebody suddenly screamed, and I became so frightened I turned around with my box of puppies and left.

I ended up giving a little boy a puppy and running into a girl I knew in high school. She insisted that she no longer went by her old name anymore, and that she went by Alexandra now. She always did hate her name in my waking life.

I walked along the street, spotting bushes of cherry blossoms, a stadium with glass walls and walkways to the left, and went home.

Someone had downloaded a game onto my computer called "Fairy". Someone else said it was something like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. There were patches you could put on the character for buffs. The character was a tan woman with black, short hair, who wore camo pants, black boots, and a tank top. The world in the game was dark, and the character had to explore while avoiding or attacking enemies. I don't like horror games, so I turned it off.

I walked outside to see I was in a mall with lots of people. A familiar store from two previous dreams I've had was there. I walked in to see a lot of things familiar to me, especially splatoon stuff. Someone compared me to a child.

In a classroom, a teacher told us not to cause trouble. The class itself was pretty uneventful.

Later in the dream, I was tearing down a seaside freeway in a car. Lots of strange vehicles and beings were there as well, dancing and partying. This was another callback to a past dream I've had.

I was at school. They made me and some others stay in a group. In the restroom, something wasn't allowed... I couldn't change in peace.

I took a train to a little house at the edge. It became dark, so I went home. In my bathroom were fish, living and dead... feels gross to touch dead things. The cats outside the door had another one. Blown-up carcasses. The neighbor's wife was in hysterics, right outside I found their son. Back inside the house I went... the light.

I saw my best friend with people, presumably people from a server we shared. When I spoke to him, I felt sad. I didn't know what to say- I think I did something wrong. I felt ashamed of myself and walked outside.

Later in the dream, I saw packages on a shelf. It looked like it contained stumpy legs, made up of the hips, crotch, and half the thighs. On the packages were graphics depicting them, though they were splattered with blood. The graphics said, "Legs aren't necessary". I felt creeped out by this, and walked away. I was heading towards my room when I heard someone following me. They wanted to use the item on me. I rushed up the stairs in the dark and ran into my room, so afraid of the situation that I woke up.

I shot a gun towards another gun, which triggered the latter gun's bullet to shoot and ricochet off a wall, amd may or may not have killed somebody as a result. Turns out, it was a group of teens who were out shooting at immigrants. I was a kid in this dream, because as I was running down the street a strange child told me to follow them. We ran towards a junkyard, which had a large playground. The playground turned out to be a base, and as we were funneling through the slide and tube system a teenager tried to stab a knife through the slits in the tubes. Turns out, there was a hostage situation, and the entity meant to save us wasn't present. A fight broke out between the kids and teens, with the use of real guns and knives. I snuck around and there was a whole bunch of teenagers yucking it up on the roof level of the playground.

A wise, young man told me something, and I looked to see the flowers blooming. Something about dandelions. I tore two from the ground and as I held them up, seeds flew from them. For whatever reason, the teenagers were so amused by this scene, they stopped their fighting and began celebrating. I looked over the edge of the playground and saw a network of highways, people rather than cars walking through them.

The story of this dream, according to the dream itself, was about a small town from a long time ago, and of the closeness of community.

In this dream, I saw much of a woman named "Katie Price".

I was in my aunt's care, and looked at the wikipedia article for a talk show called "Monday Today". Apparently, two of the people on the show were caught with a drug dubbed NICU, or "narcane i.". I read the wiki page for Katie Price, who worked backstage the show, and as I scrolled down I saw a line in the article saying "Are you proud of yourself Katie?". I thought, maybe some scorned crew member had edited the article, but no- it kept going, until at the very bottom of the page was an image of Katie Price herself, with the caption "A picture of me". It was to the effect of someone not knowing what else to put on the page, and leaving it to finish later.

I left my aunt's car, which was parked across the street from my house, and saw my grandma out in the yard. I felt so tired, I went to her room to lay in her bed. However, who else was already there but Katie Price herself. In the article I had read of her, she had 3 young daughters. She was talking as if they were there in the room with her. There was a strange package beside her that she hid away. Her eyes looked crazed... I suspected there was something going on, that she was hiding something. Unfortunately she spotted me and became smiley and friendly, initiating a conversation.

Katie told me how she was allowed to stay with my grandmother, because she was in a program to help those in rehab get back on their feet. After that I tried to go about my day as usual, but Katie kept talking to me, as if we were close friends, and it began to weird me out. I spotted my grandmother and asked if we could talk outside, and as we were talking about Katie she showed up at the front of the house with a bloodied knife in her hand, smiling. I kept my grandmother out front as I went towards Katie and took her back indoors, where she handed me the knife. But as I held it she repeatedly attempted to force herself onto it, laughing the whole time.

I was so in shock of what was happening, I yelled at her to get out of the house. A friend of mine was there and called the police. Katie freaked out over it, and became pissed. I woke up scared.

I dreamt twice.

Up in a mountain town, I drank til I was drunk so as to avoid answering my mom's questions regarding cereal brands. I then had the terrible realization that she, too, had been drinking, and that she was supposed to drive us down the mountain later that day.

In my second dream, I was working in an outdoor restaurant with a very tall boy. This boy was one I knew in middle and high school in my waking life, who often bullied me. The entire dream, he kept trying to instigate a fight with me, and made me feel very uncomfortable.

I was in a small store with a large glass face, looking out to a yard and the vallery of streets and buildings beyond. My best friend picked up a fat pikachu plushie and showed it to me. Outside, girls were taking out miniature balloons from the side of a shed.

I dreamt twice.

I was in a 7/11. There were rooms where students were working on projects. There was a girl sewing a berry-colored dress, and another girl was sculpting something out of clay. Then a love potion and a sheet of ice outside in the industrial era, letting spiders and weasels run about....

There was unrest in the little island of France... standing outside, people in a prison close by kept trying to hand each other weapons to begin an uprising. The wall was slammed down on the people. Is it safe to go to Cuba? The girl I was with kept flinging her gun around. I was then picked up by somebody familiar person, Ren. My best friend was in the car, too, and told me I should be thankful that Ren was there. He wouldn't have been as forgiving when it came to coming back- to what, I don't know. Ren laughed and kept driving.

We eventually stopped at a different 7/11, where my best friend got off to buy ice. He washed his hands with them. I walked down the street and thought, this place seemed very familiar.

In my second dream, I saw Chans everywhere. Shirts with Chans on them, figurines of Chans in bikinis, plushies of Chans. I walked into a bathroom where a Sour-Chan plush sat. I saw posters of Chans parodying media. Suddenly, I was in a class-like room, with long tables in rows.

I was organizing papers while talking to a girl, when I saw my best friend at a table on the other side of the room. People around the room began to get up and move about, and he did too. He came up to me and asked what I was up to, and I felt so shy and starstruck, I could just barely stammer a reply... just organizing!!

I was playing a sort-of-Minecraft with people I didn't recognize. Something happened at the base we were building at together, so I decided to move and build myself a new base in the desert. A built a small house, then went back. Everyone else also decided to move in to the desert. They built a huge house next to my place, and everyone decided to share it. I remember going into a room and claiming a bed before a really gross, fat and balding man came into the room and REDACTED me. I stayed in bed and tried to hide, but eventually went out the room.

The hallway was full of monsters only I could see. The lights would go out, and I would have to solve puzzles to continue forward and eventually, leave. I remember nautilus eyes. Red light, black shadows. When I finally went outside, stuff was going down with fires all around. I walked through construction, where the world turned from Minecraft-esque to real life, and the things around me began to catch fire.

I then found myself in heaven, with other people. We saw some stairs of light and walked down to a girl camping. It was Cactus-Chan. The settlement me and the others made were up in flames, and I woke up.



I was expelled from college because of something relating to braids and a teacher transforming into a book. Although, I wasn't permitted on the school grounds anyways.

I saw Sour-Chan having sex with a teacher, and found a pretty children's book about mice. I gave the book to Kukcs. There was a building on fire, and something related to sports. In the end, I turned into a bird and flew away, to somewhere presumably lovely....

There was some scooby doo stuff featuring tikis and a gym, where we failed the objective... what I had to think about was the haunted house. It was a ride that went through various scenes. It begins when a man blows the brains out of a woman with his gun, and evolved into a story of how this was a time loop that people fell into and continuously died from. I didn't like it. We left the ride and walked around the area, and as we made our way to the next place an actor in a costume came up to me and started sniffing closely and loudly. It became so overwhelming I began to break down and cry.

Down the line, I ended up being in a classroom where we were watching porn. No idea why.

I saw Cactus Chan with human hair. She still had her chunky spikes on her head. A scientist had created her, and with him was an assistant. Something strange happened, and we all found ourselves on a strange planet. We started working together to escape. Suddenly, we all began seeing very private hallucinations, in an attempt to keep us from our goal. The illusion I saw was a room full of kittens, who may or may not have all been dead. Cactus found a way out of my hallucination, but when I left, she didn't follow. When I went back, she opened the door for me, and told me to come inside as she had found a way to escape. A strange man was behind her, gripping her shoulder. I grabbed her and pulled her out of the door where she regained consciousness.

Later on, we found we were still missing people, so we ventured back into the building. Inside was a room full of kittens, but alive. I saw food and went ahead and fed them. Among them was mini Rabies Chan, albeit close to kitten size.

My mom and I were living together in an apartment. When she left, the lights went out, and strange things began moving in the dark. I could make out some figures... I saw a rabbit be crushed to death. Something grabbed the light fixture out from the ceiling, and proceeded to stab it through its own eye. I kept stepping in weird stuff. I panicked, and called the police. The woman on the line sounded like what I was saying was of little concern. When I went outside, I saw my mom, and when I told her about what was going on, she rolled her eyes and told me to relax.

I found a book of art books (a book of books) and saw some pieces that supposedly belonged to my friend. However, none of the characters were recognizable. All I recognized was a crudely drawn image of Rabies Chan in a graveyard with another girl. Another image was of a girl being stabbed through the chest from behind, while a girl in a tron-like outfit watched with a neautral expression. She held a piece of paper in her hands. Flipping through the pages, there were sketches showing sequences of actions, showing a different character with each sketch.

Later in that same dream, I found myself in a house by the sea. The entire miniature neighborhood was by the sea. It was a dreary, dark place. The house had a fence around it, and within that fence, was a rabid dog. My cousin didn't listen to me and decided to go outside. I went after her, and only got to her as soon as the dog had nicked her finger. I grabbed the dog and threw its neck to the ground, took my cousin indoors and called for help. The person on the line said he couldn't send help, because the disease was going to spread to everyone anyways.

Outside, I watched the dog attack other dogs within our fence.

I was walking past a memorial on the street, into a tunnel, where I saw a large art studio to the left inside it. I walked into the area, and saw my best friend. I was so excited to see him, I ran in for a hug, but stop myself realizing he may not have appreciated that sort of thing. He must have seen what I was about to do, because he then said that a little hug was okay...



I dreamt twice. In the first dream, I was playing a Scooby-Doo game with my friend. He was playing Shaggy, and kept moving him into the lava. I had to take over in order for the rest of the team to proceed.

I could only remember the last bit of the second dream. On a floating disc zipping through space, were a gang of monsters tightly packed on top. Their leader arrived with food, and they rejoiced. He exclaimed that he also had something special... the prize of a coupon! One of the members of the gang had been flying on his own disc, and boarded the main ship just for the coupon. The leader found it humorous he wasn't on the main disc, and decided to give that monster the coupon prize. Excited, the monster turned the coupon over, met with "NO" written in bold letters. The floor gave out from below him, and he was sent tumbling down a yellow vortex to the sound of sneers and cheers from his comrades...

I awoke with the phrase, "Avoid dirt, sunlight, and pikachu."

It was field day at school. I remember walking around school grounds, viewing a baseball field with tall nets above the fences. Without warning, people transformed into monsters and began killing one another. A wave arrived and washed me out somewhere else, where a festival was also taking place. The wave left behind the body parts of penguins, littering the ground with them. There was a bridge going out to see, and a tall, tall set of stairs going high up to a large building. Everyone began excitingly climbing the stairs to the top.

It was then that I learned that we were celebrating a ravenous death festival, where people volunteered or were picked to be put in life or death situations for the entertainment of the many. As I made my way upwards, a young man next to me mentioned how if someone he knew died during the festival, he'd want to know, but he wouldn't want to be told. I suggested he go with his gut feeling, and he considered it.

At the top, people were watching on televisions mounted to walls shows of people trying to survive the situations they were placed. I saw a showing of some people who were dropped in the ocean with nothing but the clothes on their back. Going into the building, I saw people fighting to the death in a pit to the sound of cheers and hollering. Amongst the crowd, I recognized someone. Sweet Chan. I said hello, and she was very kind to me. I didn't see her get hurt, but lost her as the crowd ran back down the stairs.

I was at a theme park. Unfortunately, all the futuristic rides had shut down, so I opted for a horror-themed ride instead. It began very cute, with toys and dolls and stuffed animals. Then just like that, they became horrific depictions of themselves, and I closed my eyes for the rest of the ride. I felt I had been on this ride before...

Afterwards, I went to a bathroom. I had a terrible headache, and when I looked at the mirror, I pushed my hair up and saw blackheads littering my forehead. I squeezed one, and a giant stream of shit-colored puss came out. It made my headache feel better, so I squeezed two more of them out and felt just dandy.

Then, again, I was in a familiar place... like a server. Except I was in the yard of a suburban brick home with a nice fence. I saw a friend, and had him take care of something for me. The others I knew were drawing together on a whiteboard; I opted to draw on paper, to keep my drawings. Then there was a cow. Someone was looking for me. A little white monster kept trying to bite. Two people that had been looking for me proceeded to argue with one another, so I got up and left. A squirrel was interviewed for my whereabouts.

I dreamt that the person who designed my character, Caleb, was a deeply mentally unwell person who played with animal corpses, which dripped blood everywhere. I went to go see a friend, but they became so annoyed by my presence, they ignored me to do something else. Moving along, I won a tourney for Splatoon, before being accused of cheating by a woman, who also said they would beat me for it. I was then in my kitchen, sitting at the table with my mom and grandma, when a man broke through the front door and tried to attack my grandmother. I had to beat him and break his fingers and an arm before he would run away, only for someone we really feared walked into the house. I woke up from the horror of it all.

I was in a classroom with a friend and Rabies Chan. The class felt unnerving, and so I kept Rabies Chan close by me. I gave my friend a spare notebook she could use for her next class. Suddenly, classes started pouring out from their rooms outside. I held Rabies Chan close to me so we didn't separate.

There was something very wrong with the school. Students and parents showed up together for an event. The grounds looked exactly like my elementary school. Without warning, the staff began culling all the educated adults within the vicinity, and I had to beg for my mother's life.

I was Venom Chan, participating in a sport that played a lot like Pokemon Unite. My teammates and I coordinated together, giving out directions and committing to a strategy. I spent a lot of time physically defeating people trying to score on our goals. At one point, I accidentally stabbed and had cut one of my own teammates, believing them to be the enemy. Striking someone with my tail, the game ended, and I looked to a table with an opened binder. Apparently, the game was supposed to be a political debate...

A teacher was there with us, and as I looked through the binder for upcoming school events, she became upset at me for looking through her papers. We headed out to the school festival, traveling in various vehicles. Suddenly, planes showed up above us, and began to be blown out of the sky. They crashed around us on the road, and eventually we all had to stop somewhere else we'd all crash as well.



I went to go visit my ex in Sweden. It was very cold, to the point my shoes weren't enough to keep me warm. My ex was at work, so I decided to go to the mall. It was underground, with a high ceiling and many many people. But the stores were also a bit barren. The stores began to close, as it grew dark early. It was 5PM.

I waited outside, where many other people waited. My ex was supposed to pick me up. I went on my phone and texted my friend, telling them I had gone to Sweden. Suddenly, my uncle showed up, giving an overly friendly hello. I wasn't comfortable with him being there, since I wasn't comfortable with family who didn't live with me, and he started insulting me for it. I left the area and wondered if I should call my friend. I kept looking for my ex, and found him.

However, the dream suddenly shifted... I was on school grounds. On a bench by the wired fence, a boy in BDSM gear was having sex with a fat goth chick. I walked to the side to look out from the fence... the school was up on a hill, and below it was a beautiful forest.

In a store was a selection of cute dolls. I was completely enamored by them, to the point I couldn't decide which one to take and ended up taking none at all. On the side, a person was in trouble because they were at the store, and not where they were told to go. I ended up leaving the store and went to a weird place. There were cats and dogs in the hallways in front of a giant palace-like mansion. The few human eyes that fell on me felt judgemental...

I had a backpack full of smutty material I made myself. Perverted men who wanted to do undesireable things to me kept grabbing at me, despite me telling them I was just a kid. I looked through the papers in my bag and started throwing them out as a man kept watching me.

I went to an underground part-general part-second-hand store with some family. I remember going to the greeting cards section and looking at what they had. There was a cute little card with a glittery shamerock on the front, outlined in white. I bought it with my friend in mind.

I dreamt twice last night. What I remembered of my first dream, I was being interrogated by a man who was very, very slowly cutting my foot off with a dull knife. He then proceeded to hack at it, pulling it off halfways, and then struggled to tear the rest of it off. I felt like I was in real pain, and woke up with my ankle feeling fuzzy.

Sleeping again, I had an awful dream about the world being destroyed by monstrous, multi-dimensional gods from space. It all started when a shadowing being flew into the house I was, and cloaked all it touched in the blackness of space, making them fall into a deep sleep as their consciousness fell into another dimension. It proceeded to attempt to crash the moon into the sun, of which the outcome being one I don't remember. I walked out of my house and was met with the rest of the nonsense happening.

In one underwater arena was a jellyfish who utilized a lance, and was an incredibly difficult boss fight we couldn't beat. We fought twice, and on the second time, befriended us. Suddenly, an even greater being appeared. We fought as best as we could together, but the greater beast attacked our new ally and mauled them to death. A tear appeared to a pocket dimension and we had no choice but to escape.

There, people were fighting another god, a being made of flames that scorched every arrow the flew its way. It was described much like a firebird. I ran from that dimension just as it washed the entire field in flames.

I was at a zoo with my friend when I saw yet another tear in the sky. Walking up and through it, I found myself in a world much like a mix between a jungle gym and an obstacle course, where I had to flip switches while running from a woman who demanded my life. As I reached the course's end, I found a spacial tear and ran into it, only to find myself in a world of giants. I hid in bushes with other people my size, but the giants new of our arrival and made to kill us. I remember running in a kitchen trying to find things to let me escape...

A bunch of friends from different servers and I played games together, one involving being in a white void with a giant cuckoo clock made of toy blocks. The shenanigans led out to a shopping area by the ocean in the evening. Only a few of us went into a store, which was empty except for the person at the register.

While two of my friends wandered the store, another fell asleep on the floor, sitting. I packed some things away and tried to wake him up so we could leave. I woke up doing so.

In my dream, I walked up to a pretty little house. Inside in the kitchen, I saw a burger woman wearing a lightly-colored plaid apron. She had a burger head, with burger breasts, and a butt made up of two burgers, filling out with an extreme pear shape. She had two burgers, bit into each of them once, and attached one onto each of her breasts. What?

Of course, it took someone else in my dream to stop me from wanting to go after her. We ended up going to Waluigi's purple shack, which looked much like an abandoned barnhouse, where someone was recounting their childhood.



I drove up a hill to a small college building. I parked against a fence, and through it, I could see the entire town below. It was a nice place, with tall aging trees that provided plenty of shade from the late sun. I walked to the building, and went in for orientation. There were displays of people's talents and majors, and I was astonished by how wonderful it all seemed. I was given a flier for clubs, and through the high of the enthusiasm around me, remembered something terrible- I was starting my college career late.

This realization drove me to tears. Everyone was younger than me, had more hope for success than me, had a better chance than me. The cutesy style of the club ads made me feel even worse. When orientation was over, I packed my things up and hobbled myself down the hall. I saw people talking with other people and in groups of friends, making me even more alone than I ever did before.

After taking a shower, I walked out and was confronted with a large screen. I was within a familiar server. Somebody in that server asked for help with their art, and I happily gave them advice. Then the realization of where I was struck, and I became incredibly nervous. I didn't want to be there. My friend noticed me in it, and became upset, because I continuously joined and left. I asked them to ban me and went on my way.

There was a game where you played as either a "prince"/"princess", against a rat. Both were controlled by separate players. The goal of the rat is to reach the marker before the human, while the goal of the human was to either reach the marker (no reward) or catch the rat (reward). One round I played human, the next I played rat. Next round I played rat before ending as human.

The game was dark, consisting mostly of dark blue colors. The "prince"/"princess" had golden hair, which made them easy to spot. While playing as a rat, you can become difficult to spot since you blend so well into the area. Rat could also utilize pipes connected throughout the building. Rats could collect "glitches" as a different way to get human status, aside from reaching the marker first.

As I ended as a human, I became stressed at the idea of having to catch the rat, since it was so difficult to see them in the first place. I opened the menu and closed the game, which is how I woke up.

I dreamt I was on an anonymous messaging board, of course akin to 4Chan. It was grey with light grey posts. I was on the catalogue, and on it, someone requested... 18+ SLOGMA porn. The abbreviation was never explained. The only images associated were one of a monkey, and another of a black woman (both together being in typical poor taste for such a place). The rest of the board was strange, as everything seemed to be placed together incohesively- one thread had an image simply of a sidewalk curb, and another was an image of Misty from Pokemon. There was a video of her on a pornographic site linked onto the post.

A couple of people and I were driving down a highway through the middle of nowhere. The sky was black, but there was still light, and out in the distance were snow-topped mountains and forests full of green pine trees. We rode up to a lodging area, stopped the car, and walked to it. Up on one of the porches, there were people talking about how Ohio was the last good state, as every other state had been infected. Looking at a map, Ohio was right inside California, against the coast.

The lodging area was a very pretty place. All the buildings were long cabins, sitting a foot or so off from the ground, with patios right around them and bridges connecting them. The ground had walkways made of round stone and bordering them was grass and small waterways. The water was a lively light blue color. Against the wall of one of the cabins was a tarp, and on the tarp was the face of none other than... Chem Chan?

My companions and I went back to our car, and drove on along the asphalt... into a black void, on a road that looped like a rollercoaster.

During a heist within a tall building, the elevator door opened to a floor with a small lobby. To the right were boxes of things. My accomplice distracted the clown who was there, and so I took the opportunity to look through the boxes for items to pilfer. There, I saw an animation cell for... Tails Gets Trolled. I hid it under my shirt and we both went back into the elevator to escape. We met with the others on the ground floor, and left to the car. As we drove off, I took the cell out from under my shirt and wondered if my friend would like it as a gift.



My friend and I were together in a strange server. He asked me something, but I didn't hear what he said. When I asked him to repeat it, he suddenly disappeared...

In a large wooden cabin-mansion, I went to the porch where my friend was. Outside, purple and light purple lightning struck the grassy hills surrounding the area. Worried, I told my friend to come along inside the house, but he didn't want to. That is, until lightning struck the porch and lit it on fire. We hurried indoors, as if nothing had happened. In the living room was a computer. My friend beckoned me over, opened up an image on the computer of two men next to each other, and zoomed into an oddly-shaped phallus between them, then looked at me as if to say, "so what?"

I was at a large store at night. It had many foods and drinks. I was especially surprised at all the interesting alcohols they had- enough to the point I drank some. I had a little too much and ended up getting drunk. Unable to pay for my drinks, I texted my friend to pick me up... but he never responded. So I took to the wheel and drove into the highway, before crashing to the side, down into another store.



I dreamt twice in one night...

At the end of my first dream, a train I had been on suddenly crashed. It was night. In that moment, as I stepped off to see the damages, lightning struck one of the containers ahead of me. The scene was washed in red light as sparks starting blowing out from within, and laughing cackled out loudly. Worried, I grabbed the woman closest to me and ran to the lake close by in an attempt to escape the scene. The entire time I thought, "What sort of Chan is that?"

By the end of my second dream, which began around the same place I had started the first, I was struggling against a fierce wind against buildings. Out in the open, I saw a bronze statue of Rabies Chan... a fierce flood and even more violent winds came about, but the statue refused to budge.