Carefree in the streets, I walk along two roads parted by trees. An obsidian castle looms to one side, but it’s only a sort of complex. I’m invited to live there, at the cost of waitressing for their parties. The back of the building is only worn-down brick. I leave to a poorer area of the city, a blue fish shop with a roulette wheel down an open alley. I leave.

11/XX/2019 ... Tags: Sexual

In a house lived a shut-in young man. His mother was abusive and didn’t allow him to talk to anyone. He was made to dress like a young girl and had short, pink hair. Where I began, there were cut trees and black cats. When I went to go meet him, he grew terrified and went to his home, only to be forced out on an errand. His mother had become angry with him for attempting to talk to someone. Through a private parking garage, I followed him to the top floor of a shopping mall, where he grew fearful and told me that there was evil lurking. I could see only a few people and mannequins, which he was fond of, until a group of people grew and started stalking us.

They stared menacingly and started cackling, hopping about, gnashing fangs and extended claws. The young man took out his gun and told me only a few people could see these monsters, and a girl joined us before making a break. Outside, their leader introduced himself. The young man fell at the man’s feet, tossing his pistol away, but I ran to the alleyway and managed to climb up and over into the darkness. I arrived at an office, and hid as I watched the leader of the monsters speak with a man on letting him have the young man to feed on. When the monster left, I approached the man and told him he didn’t have to do it, and I was willing to help fight for the young man. I saw the young man come outside the office, the monster not too far behind, and I took him in quickly and told the monster he would not be hurting him anymore. Angered, the monster and three of his followers rushed the office, the monster becoming pierced on infected glass and turning into a werewolf. the man’s partner, a police detective, was cut as well and transformed too. He fought the monster’s entourage as the young man and I made our escape, but were eventually cornered. Using the blood that had fallen on me, I semi-transformed and blinded one of the followers...

I had a dream, where I was in a shitty mall and 4 of my friends were kidnapped. One was being forced into the drug business, one was forced into a gang, one was forced into becoming a sexual submissive, and another went straight up missing. Before they were kidnapped, they were each fighting the people that would steal them away. For a moment, they found they were equal, and questioned why they were fighting each other. In the end, the kidnappers did as they were made to and brought my friends to the top floor of the shitty mall, which led to an elite mall, and I had to pay to gain entry. But I also couldn’t indicate why I was going, or they would have banned me or worse. I had a friend with me who wanted to help, and he was very familiar with the shitty mall, but when going to the entrance of the elite he started to become green and ill- an effect of not owning a pass to that part of the mall. I went ahead and asked where I could buy one, went to buy one, and came back. I had access now, but I could only go with a chaperone in a sort of tourist group. The elite mall was golden, had a giant swimming pool, and chandeliers of diamond on its ceiling. As I walked about and scoped the place out, I spotted the friends who were forced into a gang and into sexual submission. I quietly egged them on to come to me, but they knew now wasnt a good time. I had to find the other two before I could move on.


Humans who can turn into animals. They became trapped in their human forms with an animalistic mind if they disobeyed. A wolf sniffs you out as you escape. A purple collar of iron on the prisoner’s necks- a tracker? The ship maroons on an island, and we make a break for it. The safe haven, NYC Zoo. There are flowers around and a gecko on the wall- they’re coming for us, keep running. Colorful apartments with modern style. Live here safely for a while- here come the dogs.

It’s a game, a roulette of levels. Run away to a new port city. Baby chicks on the roof of a block, a path going through it. A purple house, a girl brings a boy. Am I asking too much of him? He wants to hurt me- jump through the window and become a hero.

The man in the painting knows- he sees me from the farm. Rollerblades tall, I skate above the herd. Oppose the tall boy. A burrito wrapped with raw steak with beans and cheese- $20 each! Love it. The apartments- get up, get up. He sees you, he knows you, he wants you gone, and now he’s chasing you. The bus isn’t going to save you. You can see him coming, the basement isn’t good at all, don’t go to the basement where saplings grow.


“I’ll leave my print on the world”

At the end of the dream, I had been shooting soldiers, and thanks to the empathy of the common person, was able to change to save myself.

In the house it was dark, and evil spirits grabbed for me. I hid under the bed a second time to no avail. The cat hid with me. We ran outside- we needed to save someone, so I took their place in standing.

The bus was dark and swampy. There’s a building only for girl’s products. Running away from a terror.


I’m playing a game. Running from monsters with others as we disguise ourselves and barricade the doors with willpower. A monster breaks in, and we scatter. Another traps me in a confined area, an orange cylindrical force field around us. There are about three tall, purple buildings, and I transform into a witch to protect myself. By becoming very small, he loses me, and I warp myself out of the field. Finding myself back on earth, I immediately go to warn the resistance of the incoming enemy, but they believe they can take care of it on their own. I can walk through walls, and go about aiding the resistance. Finding myself about to follow them into battle, I use my magic to shield them from enemy fire. My house barrier allows allies to attack out, but for enemy attacks to bounce off. The enemy were, to best describe them, “zombie nazis”- inhuman humans who wore military attire.