About the Website

This website is being hosted on Neocities, because I am poor and tech-illiterate. Poking fun at myself, of course. But if you're the same, let's celebrate! Proud of us for trying.

According to Neocities, this website was created on January, 2020. However, I only seriously began work on it in March, 2022. I have had multiple different websites (and concepts with them) in the past. You can say I dabbled with ideas, between a portfolio, character site, and personal project, before finally settling on a multi-purpose site. Making it this way definitely suits my needs!

Happy (as of writing) Soon-To-Be 2 years of this website :)

Neighbors on the Web

  • Kamskii! A very swell fella :) he's very ambitious and has a lot of things planned all the time. I hope to see him keep creating!

More of my friends would be here, if only they had a website! How else can I snoop on them off of social media... and NOT IRL!!

Contact Me

Want to get into contact with me for whatever reason? A contribution, correction, question, or inquiry?
You can contact me @ reibinet@proton.me now! I'll check this like once a week or something idk
If I don't respond, I either haven't checked or I'm not interested. Pick your poison people.

Do not request to contact me on other platforms (such as Discord or Twitter). I chose to make a site to explore other options, not to stagnate myself on them. I would be happy to reach out if we were to become friends. People I know who are on these other platforms, this statement doesn't involve you~