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First entry featuring asset timelapses
Happy April everybody! What's good?

I'll tell ya what's good with me- got some productivity back after a bit of a slump. While I'm still on the downwards trend, nothing else to do but climb back up! Let's go!

Recently, I've got all the current main galleries up to date. Unfortunately, the Chans and Experimental galleries still need their banners, and all three still need a proper background. What to do about that? I'll do it... after my owed artwork. Ah! To do the things for you and me.... On that note, I think the Character Directory could use a glow-up. Maybe something rustic. Or book-y? Libraries may be cliche, but they're fun and easy! How about we do something inbetween?

Last month, I actually completed my portfolio page. It's currently not linked, but I'll get to properly linking it somewhere round here when I do. Maybe it needs an update beforehand, though- I completely slapped it together best I could. Now I got some new art in, I can cycle the older ones out. Hee!

More things to be done- it's month 4 of the year! That means I'm due for my quarterly months in review. Honestly, they were meant to be monthly, but my inconsistent schedule forced my hand here. HAHAHA! I'll get it done next Monday it looks like!

About the older updates- I'll get to them when I can. Time moves forward, more things are done, more archiving is needed... so much to save and share and do! No hard feelings, just an understanding of the situation. But I would like to get that Traditional gallery up to the current year (it's stuck in 2022...) and that Hershlings gallery would not be a bad addition at all. They're the last two of the future inclusions I wanted to make, so it's definitely paws-sible!

I say that, but like the petpages of yore, I want to add a toybox page. Things for you and me! Artsy folk love their little trinkets, and I'm not the exception. This will have to wait after the previously mentioned pages, however- I don't wanna stretch myself too thin across projects and ideas. As you do....

Update Log
  • 04-23-2024 : Got the April feed up to date now. Check out what's been slappenin' this month art-wise!
  • 04-22-2024 : Uploaded artwork to date in the General, Chans, and Experimental galleries! I also got the March feed up to date, and started the April feed. Progress!!
  • 03-13-2024 : Updated main page a bit, as I'll be adding a feed! IDK if it's better to put all this info on top or below, but I think the content is more important. I also did way more than what the log says beforehand- I'll fill it in tomorrow.
  • 02-05-2024 : Finally- October, November, and December's summaries! Will I do a year in review? Maybe... not sure yet.
  • 02-02-2024 : Started on new gallery layout (2024). Once I finalize it, it may become the standard (incoming 1 trillion updates...)
  • 02-01-2024 : Continuing the monthly summary train with July, August, and September! Probably the most sparse of summaries.
  • 01-29-2024 : New post added to the blog. FINALLY. Take a look at April, May, and June's spotlit artworks! Haha....
  • 01-25-2024 : All artwork in all galleries completely thumbnailed + uploaded. 2023 is all wrapped up!
  • 01-18-2024 : The main page has a snazzy new look. No need to thank me... *awesomely whips hair back*
  • 01-15-2024 : All filenames updated to date of creation/ completion. Began thumbnailing images in General gallery.
  • 01-08-2024 : Began working on updating everything to end of 2023. Uploaded all files to their respective galleries.
Future Updates
  • Art Summary : Hopping straight into the Jan-Feb-Mar Summary of Art!
  • Art Talk : This is the year I write about my art process. I SWEAR!!!
  • Content : Everything's up to date! Keepin it smooth sailin when I can~
  • General : New layout up! Just needs a nice background to bring it together.
  • Chans : New layout up! Needs its banner and a background and it'll look swank.
  • Experimental : New layout up! Needs its banner and a background and it'll look swank.
  • Traditional : Update to current layout format/ Upload to end of 2023
  • Character Directory : Petpage-style character pages in the works! 1 down, like 20 more to go~
    (Current Focus: Up in the air!)
  • Hershlings : Newest at the top, oldest at the bottom. Lots of text, ideas, deepest lore...
  • Portfolio : Done and did! Might need a bit of tweaks and minor updates, but it's here. Just gotta put it on the page here now.


Hey, a new character! A horse girl, even! It doesn't stop with one you know... you need more for a bustlin' ranch to happen!