Why Don't I Post My Art Anywhere Else?
October, November, and December art summaries (2023)
July, August, and September art summaries (2023)
April, May, and June art summaries (2023)
January, February, and March art summaries (2023)
First entry featuring asset timelapses
Hey guys!! Remember me?! I kid... it's only been like two weeks!!

With the 2024 General gallery up and running (albeit with a little huff-and-puff), the other two will find their 2024 pages soon enough! (Third month of the year in, eh...?) Including an exciting new addition (still being worked on)- a feed!

Much like the Twitters and Tumblrs of yore (let's be real, both are a struggle today), this feed will include the latest artworks I upload, along with a very important description for all to read (or not, your choice). I decided upon this because, well... I'm not very good at keeping a feed up on Twitter! It's really too dreadfully easy to delete it all, so if I do it here, I'll feel a bit less guilty over my terrible habits, and a bit less inclined to feed into them.

On my last foray here, I was working on character pages! Pages that are, of course, dedicated to my characters. There you can enjoy (or not, your choice) seeing the ideas I have for them, from meandering stories to their artwork, compiled from my main galleries (how convenient). I'm even trying to make them look nice, so I really hope you're using a computer right now!!

I may add to this more tomorrow, as it's currently a little late for me. But on my mind at the moment is uploading my artwork, setting up those galleries, making a portfolio, creating more character pages... you know the deal. HAHA!

Update Log
  • 03-13-2024 : Updated main page a bit, as I'll be adding a feed! IDK if it's better to put all this info on top or below, but I think the content is more important. I also did way more than what the log says beforehand- I'll fill it in tomorrow.
  • 02-05-2024 : Finally- October, November, and December's summaries! Will I do a year in review? Maybe... not sure yet.
  • 02-02-2024 : Started on new gallery layout (2024). Once I finalize it, it may become the standard (incoming 1 trillion updates...)
  • 02-01-2024 : Continuing the monthly summary train with July, August, and September! Probably the most sparse of summaries.
  • 01-29-2024 : New post added to the blog. FINALLY. Take a look at April, May, and June's spotlit artworks! Haha....
  • 01-25-2024 : All artwork in all galleries completely thumbnailed + uploaded. 2023 is all wrapped up!
  • 01-18-2024 : The main page has a snazzy new look. No need to thank me... *awesomely whips hair back*
  • 01-15-2024 : All filenames updated to date of creation/ completion. Began thumbnailing images in General gallery.
  • 01-08-2024 : Began working on updating everything to end of 2023. Uploaded all files to their respective galleries.
Future Updates
  • Art Summary : Debating doing a 2023 year in review.
  • Art Talk : This is the year I write about my art process. I SWEAR!!!
  • Content : Include from first of March... probably ~ ! I have to upload the stuff first!!
  • General : New layout up! Just needs a nice background to bring it together.
  • Chans : 2024 page to be made ~
  • Experimental : 2024 page to be made ~
  • Traditional : Update to current layout format/ Upload to end of 2023
  • Character Directory : Petpage-style character pages in the works! 1 down, like 20 more to go~
    (Current Focus: Cuckoo Clock's Page)
  • Hershlings : Newest at the top, oldest at the bottom. Lots of text, ideas, deepest lore...
  • Portfolio : Thinking of a layout...


Derpin' off again!!