This is the place where you can find my personal characters, self-made, fan-made, adopted, and even a few from species-based communities! As of writing (2/22/2024), this place has been given the highlight by my spirit of inspiration, so there will be some fixing-up to do around here. I last worked on this probably some time in May to August 2023, so there's a lot of doing to get to!

These character pages are inspired by the petpages on Neopets, where users were constrained to one single box of code to create their pet's unique pages. As a former player of Neopets, this makes creating individual pages for each character quite easy, especially given that I'm able to upload images directly to the site. Yahoo!!

Characters with pages that are live for viewing have icons bordered with gold. Currently, there are a few characters in the old directory format. Thank you for your patience, I hope you can enjoy viewing my characters! :3

Characters I made myself, unrelated or removed from any existing IP. Totally mine!!
Characters based on concepts or IPs not made by me. 100% unofficial.
Characters made by other people I gained ownership of, whether it be for free, through a trade, or through a purchase.
User-made adopts/UMAs and species-based characters that I own. Unique from regular adopts as they are community focused and usually made on a single base (with or without edits) or put on a masterlist.
Characters I don't know what to do with or have retired.